Publish date15 Dec 2011 - 9:16
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Lebanese President

The "Israeli" Occupation is not a Democracy

TNA - Beirut
President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Sleiman, called the major powers to "reconsider democracy and its outlook for this democracy," adding "It's true that they support democracy in the Arab region, but the question arises what about "Israel", "What about Palestine, is it to apply democracy in them or no? Palestine had that 130 supporting countries to become a full member of the United Nations, but they withhold this right in the Security Council, and therefore this is not a democracy, while there is an "Israeli" occupation of parts of Lebanon and the Golan, and going in building the settlement and Judaization of Quds which is not a democracy. "
The "Israeli" Occupation is not a Democracy
President Sleiman, hoped on Tuesday that 2012 would be a year for democracy and peace in the Arab world and Lebanon, so that people's sufferings would be terminated.

President Sleiman's words came during a chat with accredited journalists at Baabda Presidential Palace.

The President said the festive season, without democracy, would remain incomplete.

Sleiman stressed the necessity of returning to national dialogue. While he voiced concern about the situation in Lebanon, he expressed confidence that Lebanon would be able to overcome all difficulties through Lebanese officials' care about people's affairs. 

Lebanese President concluded by saying "We support Democracy but without double standards."
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