"Islamic unity is a solution against Takfir."

Azeri cleric:

"Islamic unity is a solution against Takfir."

Azeri grand Mufti stressed convergence and unity of Islamic countries as a way against Takfiri (excommunicating) and extremist groups.

Necessity of Islamic unity in confrontation with Takfir

Iranian jurisprudent stresses:

Necessity of Islamic unity in confrontation with Takfir

A senior Iranian cleric stressed necessity of solidarity among Muslims for confrontation with extremist and Takfiri (excommunication) groups and stated," Participating clerics in this congress all agree ...

Sunni cleric calls for vigilance against DAESH reappearance

Sunni cleric calls for vigilance against DAESH reappearance

A senior Iranian Sunni cleric said the reason for peace in the country is the wise leadership and convergence of Shia and Sunni communities.

"Those who pray towards Qibla are all Muslims."

Afghan MP:

"Those who pray towards Qibla are all Muslims."

Afghan participant in the international conference on Takfir in view of Muslim scholars highlighted the unified ideologies of all Muslims and denounced Takfiri groups for excommunicating other Muslims....

"Takfiris target unity of nation and Islam."

Ayatollah Taskhiri:

"Takfiris target unity of nation and Islam."

A top Iranian cleric denounced Takfiri (excommunication) attacks against Islam and said the extremist group intends to rise against Islam.

UK approved $11mn Israeli arms sales before Gaza war: Report

UK approved $11mn Israeli arms sales before Gaza war: Report

A new report has revealed Britain’s approval of arms sale to Israel worth of nearly USD 11 million (£7 million) in the six months before the regime’s latest fatal aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Lebanon arrests local man spying for Israel: Report

Lebanon arrests local man spying for Israel: Report

The Lebanese army has detained a man who collaborated with Israeli spy agencies and secret agents operating in the country’s south, a report says.

Russia, KSA agree to cooperate in fighting terror

Russia, KSA agree to cooperate in fighting terror

Russia and Saudi Arabia have reportedly agreed to form a working team to fight terrorist groups operating in the Middle East.

‘US exploiting Afghanistan’s strategic resources’: Analyst

‘US exploiting Afghanistan’s strategic resources’: Analyst

The US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 was directed at “exploiting” the country’s “strategic resources” and to “encroach” on neighboring Russia and China, an author and analyst in Chicago says.

Members of the Southern Movement attend a press conference in Aden.

Yemen’s southerners set to form government after November

Yemen’s pro-independence Southern Movement says it is going ahead with a plan to form its own government by next month.

What if the Iran nuclear talks fail?

There is little doubt that any extension of the nuclear talks between Iran and the United States—the latter being accompanied by some other countries in the negotiations—beyond the November 24 deadline will directly mean the failure of the negotiations at least for the time being. ...

Indonesia Hijabers Combat Westernization

Combating the Western influence in the Indonesian community, several Islamic business networks are promoting Islamic products in a campaign to preserve the Islamic values in the Muslim-majority nation.

How Did US Muslims Vote in Midterm Elections?

Many American Muslims exercised their voting rights on November 4, however their overwhelming support for Democrats wasn’t enough to keep the party from losing control of Congress to the Republicans.

Bangladeshis Mourn Ghulam Azam’s Death

Professor Ghulam Azam, a key name in the history of the Islamic movement of Bangladesh and Muslim world, died earlier this week at the age of 91, leaving behind a huge vacuum in the Islamic movement in the country.

Results of Western intervention in Libya

On October 20, 2011, the leader of the North African state of Libya was brutally assassinated in the city of Sirte. Col. Muammar Gaddafi had been leading a struggle to defend his country from a war of regime-change coordinated and financed by the United States and NATO.

Imam Reza’s biography translated into Armenia

The thoughts of the eighth Shiite Muslim leader Imam Reza have been published in Armenian.

Mystical Whispers to be in print

A book by the late Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini will be unveiled to mark the Imam’s demise anniversary.

Ancient Iran books offered to UNESCO

Iran has submitted six ancient linear treasures to the United Nations to be registered on the organization’s Memory of the World register list.

Arab World to Enjoy Nima Poems

A selection of poems by the late contemporary poet Nima Yushij has been rendered into Arabic and will be released in Arab countries.

Author Younan’s minimalist stories released

Iranian author Rasoul Younan has released his latest book—a collection of minimalist stories titled ‘Damn You, Pick Up the Phone! ‘.

Kosovo Muslims attend a Friday prayers on June 21, 2013 at the Grand Mosque in the town of Pristina.

Using Islam in the service of politics is not limited to Arab nations and communities, or individuals in Europe who broke with their societies to join the takfiri groups in the Middle East. There is a real threat to the society and the state in Kosovo, where a ‘tolerant’ brand of Islam, which is becoming ...

The military-industrial candidate

Analysts were right to say that the Republican takeover of Congress bodes well for the war machine: already we see the levers of power slowly shifting in reverse, eager to get back to salad days of post-9/11 wartime spending.

Muslim Scholars Reject UAE Terror Charge

An international body of Muslim scholars has dismissed United Arab Emirates decision to designate the group as “terrorist”, expressing “astonishment” over the charges.

Anti-Muslim Posters Target Quebec Mosques

Four Quebec City mosques were targeted over the weekend with signs reading “Islam hors de chez moi” — Islam out of my country — pasted on the mosques’ doors.

How many Muslim countries the US bombed or occupied since 1980?

Barack Obama, in his post-election press conference yesterday, announced that he would seek an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) from the new Congress, one that would authorize Obama’s bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria—the one he began three months ago.