Another young Shia activist faces beheading in S Arabia: Rights group

Another young Shia activist faces beheading in S Arabia: Rights group

A prominent rights group has warned about the imminent beheading of another young Shia citizen in Saudi Arabia, saying courts in the kingdom keep handing down harsh sentences to the dissents in secret ...

US not targeting Daesh in Syria: Russian Defense Ministry

US not targeting Daesh in Syria: Russian Defense Ministry

The Russian Defense Ministry has responded to recent criticisms by NATO regarding its campaign against Daesh in Syria, stating that Washington seems to be the one with accuracy problems.

All revolutionary youth must read “Palestine”

All revolutionary youth must read “Palestine”

The compiler of a compilation of the Iranian Supreme Leader’s speeches on Palestine made famous by Benjamin Netanyahu, has said that if Netanyahu wants to introduce books written about the destruction ...


'US reluctant to defeat Daesh': Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said the US government is hesitating to defeat the Daesh terrorist group because it can contradict the interests of its regional allies.

Iran needs no relations with US: Leader

Iran needs no relations with US: Leader's aide

A senior Iranian official says the Islamic Republic feels no need for relations with the United States as Iran is a powerful and independent country.


'Talks with US banned due to demerits'

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says holding negotiations with the US is banned as it has countless disadvantages and no benefits.

UN urged to save Yemeni lives in Saudi war

UN urged to save Yemeni lives in Saudi war

A senior Iranian diplomat has called on the UN to carry out its responsibility to safeguard the lives of Yemeni people, who have been under relentless Saudi aggression for almost seven months.

Undercover Israeli police attack Palestinian protesters

Undercover Israeli police attack Palestinian protesters

Many undercover Israeli soldiers join Palestinian protests as agent provocateur and incite protesters to hurl stones at Israeli soldiers, then they draw their guns and start helping their fellow military ...

Iran has thousands of General Soleymanis

Iran has thousands of General Soleymanis

Ayatollah Nouri-Hamadani referred to Ayatollah Khamenei’s clear warning to the House of Saud over the Mina tragedy and stressed that the culture of jihad and martyrdom in Iran is alive and that Iran has ...

Syria launches large-scale ground offensive in Hama

Syria launches large-scale ground offensive in Hama

Syria's army and allied forces, backed up by the Russian Air Force, have launched a major ground operation in the western parts of the country.


It has been a failure in containing ISIS precisely because the wars have not weakened terrorism but have increased it.

I Chose Islam Instead

The truth is, I was born into a Christian family. Then I chose to leave. I chose Islam instead. "So you're Muslim? But wait, where are you from?"

Zarif comments on President Obama remarks

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif commented on the remarks made by President Barack Obama about the Vienna deal while addressing a academic gathering.

Steps for Uniting the Ummah

{This ummah of yours is a single ummah, and I am your Lord, so worship me. But they were cut off from one another in the matter of their unity, and yet they will all return to Us.} (21: 92-3)

The Quran and the Environment

According to scientists and philosophers man is considered as the major factor in disturbing the natural balance of the universe.

Quran Interpretation in Russian Published in Moscow

The first Tafsir (interpretation) of the entire Quran in the Russian language was published in Moscow.

Books on dialogue and unity a big hit

The 20th Muscat International Book Fair (February 26-March 7) has offered a rich treat to visitors with titles on Oman and other countries, vision on interfaith dialogue, worldwide unity and brotherhood in the light of His Majesty the Sultan’s policy of “Friendship with all and enmity to none”.

Translation of 40 Hadiths released in Thailand

A new translation of the book “40 Hadiths” in Thai language has been appeared in print in Thailand.

Translations of Ayatollah Javadi Amoli’s ‘Mafatih al-Hayat’ will be released

English and Arabic translations of the book ‘Mafatih al Hayat’ will soon be released as its preparation process has been well in progress.

Journal of Religious Sciences Published in Belgrade

A new edition of “Kom” scientific-research journal has been published in Belgrade, Serbia, by Qom Center of Religious Sciences.

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Selling Spices for 15 Years, Kenyan Makes Hajj

Performing the life-time journey of hajj is a dream that came true for Abdi Mohammed, a Kenyan Muslim who has been selling spices for 15 years to make the spiritual pilgrimage to Makkah.

War criminals not welcome here

On 9 September, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making an official state visit to Britain for meetings with David Cameron.

Palestinian woman succumbs to burn injuries: Report

The mother of the 18-month-old Palestinian baby boy, who was killed in an arson attack on his home by Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank, has succumbed to the severe burn injuries she sustained in the incident, a report says.

Gaza becoming uninhabitable as society and economy collapse

Wars and economic blockade have wiped out capacity to produce for domestic or export market while leaving ‘almost all of population destitute’, says UN body

Gaza on Gaza, an art exhibition in theLondon

Gaza on Gaza is an exhibition of work by Palestinian artists in response to the lives devastated by the last year's conflict.