Attacking university in Iraq aims at waging sectarian strife

Attacking university in Iraq aims at waging sectarian strife

UN representative in Iraq condemned the recent attack against Imam Mousa Kadhim (AS) University in north Baghdad calling the act as a coward and vicious measure against the civilians.Nikolay Mladinov,...

Pakistanis in Karachi protest against killing of Shias

Pakistanis in Karachi protest against killing of Shias

People in the southern Pakistani port city of Karachi have held a rally to protest against deadly attacks targeting Shia Muslims.

US says it is not

US says it is not 'running the show' in Ukraine

The United States has hit back at Moscow over comments by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Washington's role in the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Clashes erupt in Jordanian city after death of youth

Clashes erupt in Jordanian city after death of youth

Clashes have erupted in the Jordanian city of Ma’an between protesters and security forces following the death of a young citizen during security operations.

Bahrain expels Sistani’s representative

Bahrain expels Sistani’s representative

Bahraini authorities have expelled the representative of Iraq-based Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani in the latest sign of tension with the Shia majority.

Intl communities should back Myanmar Muslims

Intl communities should back Myanmar Muslims

“International communities and foundations should back Myanmar Muslims,” said the grand Shiekh of AlAzhar.

Iran, Russia FMs discuss bilateral, regional issues

Iran, Russia FMs discuss bilateral, regional issues

Iranˈs Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday discussed bilateral ties as well as regional issues with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.


Muslims' Imamat Confab to be held in Kermanshah

The conference under the banner of “Imamat of Muslims, a Strategy for Establishing the Unified Ummah” will be held in the presence of Head of the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thoughts....

Senior cleric stresses the importance of Muslims and Christians unity

Senior cleric stresses the importance of Muslims and Christians unity

Head of Sharia Council put accentuation on the importance of Muslims and Christians’ unity.

Tehran ECO office exhibits Iran art

Tehran ECO office exhibits Iran art

An exhibition of Iranian arts and handicrafts has kicked off during a ceremony held at the Cultural Institute of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in Tehran.

Indian Muslims: Past and Present

55The Congress was founded in 1885 with the support of the British who saw it can be a unifying force for Indians regardless their religions, and thought they can understand and know the Indian public through it to suppress any chance for violent uprisings against them. However, the rise of Hindu nationalism ...

Saudi Arabia: The US President’s Futile Trip

55Following Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia, media in the West was of the opinion that Russia will now change its line in negotiations with the United States on Ukraine.

My Daughter Is a Muslim

55"My daughter has two names: Nele, the name chosen by me and her father, and Nawal, the name chosen by herself when she entered Islam.

Finnish Muslims Want Police Hijab

55STOCKHOLM – Seeing her dream of joining police shattered over her hijab, a Finnish Muslim has urged the government to allow Islamic headscarf in police uniform to encourage integration of the minority in the society.

Charity Spreads Islam Awareness in UK

55With events organized across British cities and universities, organizers of Islam Awareness Week, launched earlier in March, hope to spark insight and understanding of Muslim efforts to alleviate suffering in the society and present a true image of their faith.

Ancient Iran books offered to UNESCO

55Iran has submitted six ancient linear treasures to the United Nations to be registered on the organization’s Memory of the World register list.

Arab World to Enjoy Nima Poems

55A selection of poems by the late contemporary poet Nima Yushij has been rendered into Arabic and will be released in Arab countries.

Author Younan’s minimalist stories released

55Iranian author Rasoul Younan has released his latest book—a collection of minimalist stories titled ‘Damn You, Pick Up the Phone! ‘.

ICFI to Represent Iran in Paris during Nowruz

55Iran’s Cultural Fairs Institute(ICFI) will represent the Islamic Republic of Iran at Paris and Bologna Book Fairs during Nowruz.

“Muslim American Women On Campus”

55“Muslim American Women On Campus, Undergraduate Social Life and Identity” Author: Shabana Mir Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press Language: English

Gloomy Easter for Palestinian Christians

55JERUSALEM — Israeli Police has banned UN peace envoy from joining pre-Easter celebrations in Jerusalem, an incident that highlights the escalating restrictions on Christians’ access to the old city during the holy week.

Islamic Finance Thrives in Kenya

55From humble beginnings, the Islamic financial institutions have been growing rapidly over the past years, attracting increasing attention and interest from both Muslims and non-Muslims, many of whom are being exposed to its principles and practice for the first time.

Conflict Rips Social Life in Kashmir .

55Twenty four years of turmoil have done a bad effect on the social life of Kashmiri Muslims, where matrimonial disputes are ripping the lives of an increasing number of families, reaching a maximum number of divorce cases in the India administered district. “Conflict has badly affected the matrimonial ...

Nigeria’s ‘Soft Power’ Tackles Boko Haram

55Changing unsuccessful five-year military approach, Nigeria’s decision to use ‘soft power’ to tack Boko Haram insurgency has won plaudits, seen as recognition that military alone would not end the bloodshed. “I think the administration has really woken up to the fact that they ...

Birmingham Mosque Rejects Gays Debate

55Defending his mosque’s decision to censor a question about gay Muslims, the chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, one of Europe's largest, has asserted that homosexuality is not accepted in Islam, same as other social illnesses caused by human weaknesses. "There are people with homosexual ...