Kuwait hopeful of imminent Iran-Arab dialog

Kuwait hopeful of imminent Iran-Arab dialog

Kuwait has expressed optimism about the potential launch of talks between the Persian Gulf Arab states and Iran, after the emirate and Tehran took a number of goodwill steps in that direction.

All Syria players must unite

All Syria players must unite

Moscow has called on all players in Syria to form a united front against terrorism and coordinate their actions against the scourge in the war-torn country.

Iran’s President, delegation in Russia to reaffirm strong ties

Iran’s President, delegation in Russia to reaffirm strong ties

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said President Hassan Rouhani and his accompanying delegation’s visit to Russia is aimed at reaffirming the good ties and boosting bilateral and regional ...

Iran urges immediate end to war in Yemen

Iran urges immediate end to war in Yemen

Iranian Foreign Ministry on Sunday called for an immediate halt to aggression, fighting and bloodshed in Yemen and urged efforts to start a political process for formation of a national unity government ...

Iran flotilla berths at Indian port

Iran flotilla berths at Indian port

An Iranian Navy fleet has docked at India’s Port of Cochin in line with the Islamic Republic’s policy of expanding its naval presence in high seas.

Increase in number of Iran council polls candidates

Increase in number of Iran council polls candidates

The number of Iranians seeking to run in the next month’s City and Village Council Elections shows an increase in comparison with the previous term, an Iranian official says.

Iran dismisses Bahrain

Iran dismisses Bahrain's groundless claims

Iran says Bahrain had better stop suppressing freedom within its own border instead of throwing groundless accusations against the Islamic Republic.

‘Iran-Russia relations positive for stability’

‘Iran-Russia relations positive for stability’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says relations between the Islamic Republic and Russia are “growing,” stressing that their mutual ties will play an effective role in promoting regional and international ...

Al Azhar condemns killing of Iraqi civilians in Mosul

Al Azhar condemns killing of Iraqi civilians in Mosul

Egyptian prominent academy denounced US-led coalition airstrike on Mosul residents stressing that any campaign against ISIL necessitates global solidarity.

Iran imposes sanctions on 15 US companies

Iran imposes sanctions on 15 US companies

Islamic Republic of Iran has announced sanctions against 15 US firms over their support for Israeli crimes and terrorism in reaction to new US sanctions on 12 companies and individuals aiding Islamic ...


OXFORD, England — One of the many issues that have been raised here in the aftermath of the Brexit vote revolves around identity. What does it mean to be British, to look British, to sound British? I was born and raised here. I live here. I’m unquestionably British. I’ve been told ...

The Problem with Thinking on Your Knees

Somewhere in Thinking the Twentieth Century (2009), a book, which is based on a series of conversations between the historians Tony Judt (1948-2010) and Timothy Snyder, Judt says—and I’m paraphrasing—Intellectuals around the world share a common frame of reference because they tend ...

The Necessity of Reviving Regionalism in Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran's foreign policy has been subject of many disputes. Some of these disputes have reached a final conclusion and have guided Iranian diplomats in the form of consensual policies. Some other disputes, however, are still far from a domestic consensus despite the fact ...

From Compromise to Partnership: The Impact of the Trump Administration’s Policy towards Russia on Iran

There are serious doubts over the exact route of the US domestic and foreign policies under Donald Trump due to his controversial positions on various issues. In the meantime, one of the important issues that attracted the attention of observers and analysts even before the election of Trump and during ...

Ignorant Teachers of Mr. President: Trump Not Aware of American History

One week after his inauguration at the White House, Donald Trump, the new president of the United States, signed a controversial executive order, which bars citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries as well as other immigrants from entering the United States for a period of 90 days. Prior to that,...

“An American Dream” published in Persian

Persian version of “An American Dream” by prominent American author, Norman Mailer, is unveiled by Iran’s Qoqnous (phoenix) Publication in Tehran.

“Hollywood and Islamophobia” published

An old scenario in the west, Iranian thinkers have carried out a research leading to publication of a new book on Islamophobia in Hollywood movies.

“Woman in View of Qur’an” published

Much disputed among non-Muslims, women in view of Qur’an is the theme for the latest book by Iranian author Mohammad Moradi shedding more light on the Islamic attitude on the female members of the community.

“Islamic unity in view of Ahlul Bayt (AS)” published

“Islamic unity in view of Ahlul Bayt (AS)” is the title for latest book published by bureau of publication of Islamic teachings written by Saudi scholar and translated by Iranian university professors.

“Family in Islam” by Mohammad Sadr published

A collection of quotes by prominent Shia cleric, Mohammad Sadr, on features of a family in view of Islam is published.

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Yemeni forces target Saudi boat in Red Sea

Yemeni army has reportedly targeted, destroyed Saudi gunboats with missiles in its southwestern coast in the Red Sea.

Analysis: Egypt under El-Sisi; Inside Out

Egypt has taken advantage of the West Asia’s wide-ranging disorder. Cairo has strongly returned to consistence with the US and the Israeli regime in joint security partnership. But the growing Cairo’s dependence on the Persian Gulf Arab states’ financial resources, especially those of Saudi Arabia, ...

Saudi executes 47 in 1 day, sits on UN Human Rights Council

The execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia represents another assault by Riyadh on the forces of reform and political empowerment in the Muslim world, warned the London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC).

Annual Report of The Global Association of Moslem Women

What follows here is the annual report of the Global Association of Moslem Women Unity conference 2014 to Unity Conference 2015

Annual report of programs advanced by Iran Top unity center

What follows here is the annual report of the programs and activities advanced by World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought from the 28th edition of Int’l Unity Conference to its 29th Edition