‘West not seeking Iran-Saudi de-escalation’

‘West not seeking Iran-Saudi de-escalation’

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says the United States and its Western allies are not interested in the settlement of the ongoing row between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Iran diplomat, Hezbollah chief exchange views about Mideast developments

Iran diplomat, Hezbollah chief exchange views about Mideast developments

The newly-appointed Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari has held talks with Secretary General of the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, Seyyed Hassan ...

Lebanese security forces warn against more terror attacks

Lebanese security forces warn against more terror attacks

Security forces in Lebanon warn against more terror attacks following the fatal bombings of the Christian village on Syrian border.


'Vigilance against Satellite's negative consequences is a must'

“We must be careful that the youth of today do not fall under the influence of or become afflicted by Western satellite television networks and virtual and social networks, " stressed Ayatollah Hadavi-...

Iran slams Lebanon terrorist attacks

Iran slams Lebanon terrorist attacks

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi has denounced two waves of attacks by Takfiri terrorist groups in Lebanon, reiterating the Islamic Republic’s support for the country’s fight against terrorism....

rugality is a key for helping the needy

rugality is a key for helping the needy

Urging people to avoid holding sumptuous ceremonies, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi said, "Why in some ceremonies hosts offer more than ten different food dishes whereas they must give out any food other than ...

UN denounces Israel siege of Gaza

UN denounces Israel siege of Gaza

United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, has condemned Israeli blockade on Gaza strip warning against damages on the people and economic situation of the coastal enclave.

Leader appoints new Chief of Staff

Leader appoints new Chief of Staff

Commander-in-Chief of Iranian Forces has appointed Maj. Gen. Bagheri as new Chief of Staff.

Iraqi forces bid for second victory, gain ground in Mosul

Iraqi forces bid for second victory, gain ground in Mosul

Iraqi forces have made ground achievement in Daesh-held city of Mosul in an effort to recapture second largest city from the grip of Takfiri terrorist group.


'Wars are fallouts of impiety': top cleric

Stressing that religion is the source of unity among people, Ayatollah Sobhani said, “It’s been proved throughout the course of history that wars are ignited by the impious front, they are generated by ...

Normalization of Relations between Turkey and Russia: Conditions and Possibilities

Recent remarks by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about political and economic costs of tensions in bilateral relations between Russia and Turkey and a subsequent letter sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on the occasion of Russia’s national day were indicative ...

Where Saudi Arabia Is Heading to?

Since Salman bin Abdulaziz became new king of Saudi Arabia, the country’s foreign policy has undergone major strategic changes. To make a long story short, these changes can be summarized as such: Riyadh has rapidly changed course from the strategy of interaction on the basis of spiritual influence ...

Top Priorities of Turkey’s New Prime Minister

Turkey’s 56th government started to work recently. According to official remarks, the agenda of the new government is based on participatory democracy and the rule of law, and it is said to be pursuing three major goals. The first goal is to come up with a proactive but balanced foreign policy,...

A Trip to Increase Iran

As of today, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, will launch his five-day tour of four European countries, including Poland, Finland, Sweden and Latvia, which can be considered as the opening of a new chapter in development of political and economic relations between the Islamic Republic ...

Obama’s Change Slogan: Four Legacies of the 44th US President for the Middle East

Despite claims that the Iran deal is the most important legacy of the US President Barack Obama for the Middle East, it seems that, though praiseworthy, this deal can be viewed within framework of four more important legacies of Obama. These four legacies for the Middle East include the Daesh terrorist ...

16th Russian translation of Quran unveiled at Tehran Quran Expo

In a ceremony at the 24th Tehran International Quran Exhibition on Thursday a new rendering of the Holy Quran into Russian was unveiled.

“Knowing Fatima” published

Written in the Persian language by Iranian author, “Knowing Fatima”, fourth volume of the series on the high character of Shia Imams (AS), is published for those interested in the high character of Shia figures.

Shia translation of Quran into Russian to bridge cultures

Nazim Zeynalov, a renowned Russian Islamologist whose translation of the Holy Quran has been published recently, said the rendering is a bridge to bring cultures closer together.

“Role of Women in Muslim World” Published

Latest book co-authored by two Iranian and Italian writers discusses the role played by Muslim women in the world of Islam.

“Woman in Qur’an” unveiled

Latest book by two Iranian women details the Islamic view on the character, status and rights of the women based on Qur’an.

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Analysis: Egypt under El-Sisi; Inside Out

Egypt has taken advantage of the West Asia’s wide-ranging disorder. Cairo has strongly returned to consistence with the US and the Israeli regime in joint security partnership. But the growing Cairo’s dependence on the Persian Gulf Arab states’ financial resources, especially those of Saudi Arabia, ...

Saudi executes 47 in 1 day, sits on UN Human Rights Council

The execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia represents another assault by Riyadh on the forces of reform and political empowerment in the Muslim world, warned the London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC).

Annual Report of The Global Association of Moslem Women

What follows here is the annual report of the Global Association of Moslem Women Unity conference 2014 to Unity Conference 2015

Annual report of programs advanced by Iran Top unity center

What follows here is the annual report of the programs and activities advanced by World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought from the 28th edition of Int’l Unity Conference to its 29th Edition

Reaction from Media Worldwide to S. leader’s letter

News channels and Media worldwide have reported on a letter published by Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, on Sunday which condemned the West's “double standards.”