Publish date21 Jun 2022 - 11:30
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Holy shrine of Imam Reza holds fifth meeting on int’l communications

International deputy of Scientific and Cultural Organization at the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) has held the fifth meeting on the shrine’s international communications on Monday.
Holy shrine of Imam Reza holds fifth meeting on int’l communications
Twenty-six university professors and media experts from Pakistan attended the meeting, which was held in Sheikh Tousi Hall of Islamic Research Foundation.

The talks were aimed at exploring the holy shrine capacities for international cooperation and activities.

Welcoming the Pakistani delegation, Hassan Gholampour, the executive in charge of international relations of Scientific and Cultural Organization, talked about cooperation fields in cultural, social, economic and media dimensions. He also outlined cultural services provided for pilgrims in the holy shrine. 

Further in the talks, Dr. Zamani, an Iranian university professor, expanded on ‘Tayyib Medal’ and strategies to internationally disseminate it, saying: “’Tayyib Medal’ is the highest life standard based on paradigms from the Holy Quran and patterns from the Infallible Imams’ lifestyle”.

The meeting concluded with the announcement that the Pakistani delegation would keep in touch with the holy shrine on social media for joint media programs.
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