Publish date17 Nov 2020 - 14:23
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“Desecration of Prophet Mohammad, disrespect for humanity”

International secretariat of combatting world extremist movements in collaboration with Iran’s cultural attaché in Lebanon has held webinar on Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) on Monday to discuss the global aspect of Qur’anic and Islamic teachings.
“Desecration of Prophet Mohammad, disrespect for humanity”
Seyyed Zia Eddin Maki, director of Islamic center in France in this webinar hailed the different characteristics in the prophet of Islam stressing that the mercy of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was inclusive for all people and note merely Muslims, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” He who disrespects such a great person is either ignorant or is playing ignorant to be hired by special groups with particular dark objectives.”

Abbas Khameyar, Iran’s cultural attaché in Lebanon called Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the axis of unity among all Muslims and noted,” He was the best man created by the Almighty and disrespecting the prophet of Islam is not only disrespect for Muslims but also degradation of the entire humanity.”

He said,” Islam is the religion of rationality, justice and blessings; therefore, all people should enjoy the teachings of holy Qur’an.”
Father Abdu Raad, president of the National Council for Civil Service, in the webinar on “Prophet of Mercy, Axis Unity” warned of extremism, Takfir (excommunication) and sectarian wars as the greatest threat in modern world and said,” Having mercy is the greatest demand of our world.”
He rejected desecration of religious sanctities and noted that sacrilegious content do not target only Islam or Christianity.
Religious figures and intellectuals from Iran and Lebanon attended the webinar on Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the wake of demonstrations against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo desecrating prophet of Islam in a cartoon.
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