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Iran FM urges dialogue to address regional issues

13 May 2024 - 16:28

Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that now more than ever, there is an urgent need to continue dialogues to reach regional agreements and cooperation for increasing interactions among regional states while recognizing the challenges.

Amir-Abdollahian also said: "We believe that today we have passed the stage of Iranian-Arab dialogues and entered into regional dialogues, and beyond that, today we are in the stage of regional cooperation."

Amir-Abdollahian noted: "If the founders of this meeting agree, the name of the meeting 'Iranian-Arab dialogues' should be replaced with 'regional dialogue and cooperation', because we are not against each other, we stand together."
Iran's top diplomat said that elite meetings and discussions of Iranian scholars and intellectuals with their counterparts in the region are an effective way to purify minds and thoughts from incorrect and baseless perceptions about regional states.
Turning the region into a weapons depot does not bring security to its countries
"Regional security cannot be achieved but through the cooperation of the countries of the region. Insecurity in a part of the region causes insecurity in the entire region. We must conclude that turning our region into a weapons depot does not bring security to any of the countries and the region," he added.
The Iranian foreign minister stated that today, "we need a courageous determination to review perceptions, some of which are echoes of inaccurate interpretations of historical events, and many of which are from the contemporary era", which have foreign origins and have been raised to create differences between the countries of the region.
Iran's top diplomat added that Iran is determined to strengthen relations between the countries of the region and the foreign policy of the 13th government is based on this fundamental point.
Amir-Abdollhian said that the Islamic Republic of Iran strives to strengthen regional governments, adding that the return of normal relations between Tehran and Riyadh is one of its signs.
"We believe that Iran and Saudi Arabia have many opportunities for cooperation. Our joint evaluation of the relations of the past year shows good successes of the multi-layered development of cooperation, although we are still at the beginning of the path," he further said.

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