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Iran endorses Palestinian bid for UN membership

11 May 2024 - 16:21

 Iran's ambassador to the UN stated that accepting Palestine as a full member of the United Nations is the first step and a pivotal moment in addressing the historical injustices suffered by the Palestinian people.

The Islamic Republic of Iran approves and supports decision of the General Assembly. This decision represents a small yet vital step in implementing the obligations of the international community towards the Palestinian people in restoring some of the inherent rights of Palestine. Palestine has demonstrated its commitment to peace and its ability to fulfill its obligations under the United Nations Charter, and as a result, it deserves full membership in the United Nations.

On the other hand, the actions of the Israeli regime disqualify and illegitimate this regime as a peace-seeking entity capable of adhering to the obligations of the UN Charter. The Israeli regime continuously violates international law, the UN Charter and UN resolutions.
This regime has refused to comply with the legally binding orders of the International Court of Justice and continues to commit gross violations including massacres, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.
Horrifying reports of mass graves discovered in Nasser and Shafa hospitals in Gaza show a heartbreaking picture of the regime's war crimes and crimes against humanity. Almost 400 bodies, including women and children, were found buried there, which were clear examples of the regime's brutality and disregard for human life. These actions conflict with the fundamental values ​​of the United Nations and all the basic norms and principles of international law which threatens international peace and security.
Regrettably, the United States has blocked a draft Security Council press release proposed by Algeria calling for an impartial, transparent, and international investigation to determine the facts behind the horrific crime of mass graves in Gaza. This irresponsible behavior of the US government as a permanent member of the Security Council is unacceptable, irresponsible, and contrary to the request of the international community.
Despite the widespread support of the international community, the United States, as a staunch supporter of the occupying regime, has once again closed its eyes to this fact and made desperate efforts to prevent the Palestinian people from realizing their original aspirations for UN membership.
However, today's vote shows how isolated the United States has become with its unconditional support for the Israeli regime. The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that today's vote sends a clear message to the Security Council. We hope that with the approval of this resolution, the Security Council can reconsider its previous position regarding Palestine's request for full UN membership.
The Islamic Republic of Iran firmly believes that support for the cause and nation of Palestine will continue until they can obtain their basic rights, especially the right to self-determination and the formation of an independent Palestinian state in all occupied territories with Quds as its capital.
In conclusion, the Islamic Republic of Iran votes in favor of the resolution and considers it to be an indication of the international community's strong support for the Palestinian cause, especially the realization of the Palestinian people's inalienable right to self-determination. While we welcome the adoption of the resolution, our hearts go out to the people of Gaza and Rafah who endure the ongoing atrocities of the Israeli regime. The Islamic Republic of Iran is still steadfast in defending the establishment of a lasting ceasefire, recognizing it as a necessary and urgent need for Gaza at this critical juncture.
Finally, for the record, the Islamic Republic of Iran declares that its support for the resolution is without prejudice to our long-standing and consistent principled position on issues related to the Palestinian issue and the non-recognition of the Israeli regime.

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