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Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman and his war on Islam

16 Jan 2023 - 16:47

Australian journalist in a message on his Twitter account, referred to a war launched on Islam by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman in demolition of the Islamic structures and massive detention of clerics and the dissents.

C.J. Werlman in a video released on his Twitter account revealed the role of Saudi Crown Prince in demolition of the Islamic structures in the Arab kingdom and said,” Saudi government has not only launched war against the Muslim preachers but also pursues fight against Islamic sites, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He referred to demolition of more than 98 per cent of the historical and religious sites in Saudi Arabia since 1985 calling that an endeavor to clear the history of the country.
Back in 2012, Saudi Arabia structured Abraj Al Bait (Towers of the Clock) at the site of historical and cultural sites, demolished the house belonging to Khadija, the first wife of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to build public washrooms and also constructed an American hotel in the holy city of Mecca. Al Saud has razed down a total of 400 cultural and historical sites in the holy city.
From demolition of Islamic historical sites to execution of scholars and religious figures, all measures are clear evidences that the Saudi regime, under Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, is at war with Islam.
The recent decision and policies by Mohammad Bin Salman illustrate his call of war against Islam and a project based on confrontation with any Islamic phenomenon in the Arab kingdom.
Mohammad Bin Salman has launched the confrontation in a bid to distance the people from Islam, a war which began with detention of the clerics, silencing the preachers and critics and is still continuing in explicit fight against Islam in efforts to undermine the five pillars of the holy religion.
Saudi Arabia has witnessed brutal persecution of the critics and people over their beliefs. The measures have led to publication of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs in school books and promotion of deviate ideologies on atheism, black magic and the notion of beginning of creation without God.
In line with its explicit fight against Islam, Al Saud began a campaign to decrease the pro-Islam activities through Muslim World League established back in 2019. Mohammad bin Issa, secretary general of the Muslim World League, in a meeting with former British prime minister Tony Blair, launched a coalition to boost the so-called “religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue”.
The Crown Prince also banned broadcasting of Ramadan Tarawih prayers in mosques and ignored the sanctities to the point that he permitted celebrations to be held near the holy sites and completed his measures by massive attacks by targeting the Shia mosques, detention and torture of Shia clerics and dissents as well as closing Dar-ul-Qur’an.
Although the measures by Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman have been taken under the pretext of reforms, they have all been moves made through demolition of Islamic sites, targeting clerics, preachers and the critics.

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