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Saree says Yemeni forces to strike targets in support of Palestine

14 May 2024 - 17:28

Yemen’s Armed Forces have warned that they might surprisingly escalate their pro-Palestinian strikes in case of the Israeli entity's ongoing genocidal war against the Gaza Strip.

Yemen's armed forces spokesman said: “Gaza is a red line for us, a red line. Our causes, holy sites, and our Islam are red lines, and we will not compromise on them."

The official further stated: “We target positions that the enemy hasn't thought of and can't imagine, things that neither the Yemeni people nor the people of the Arab and Islamic nations can imagine.”
Earlier in May, Saree announced the commencement of the fourth phase of the pro-Palestinian operations, saying the Yemeni forces would target all ships heading to the “Israeli” ports “in the Mediterranean Sea in any area within our reach.”
Yemen has announced the fourth phase of operations in support of the people of Palestine, calling for an immediate end to the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza.
He also warned that the Yemeni military would impose sanctions on all ships of companies involved in supplying and accessing occupied Palestine's ports, regardless of their nationality, and prevent all ships of those companies from passing through the operational area of the Armed Forces, regardless of their destination.
Adding to his Monday remarks, the spokesman said, “By God's will and strength, we will reach the fifth and sixth stages of our pro-Palestinian operations, if the enemy continues its aggression on Gaza.”

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