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37th International Islamic Unity Conference

Thinker: Moral media must create unity, unison and agreement among people

Iranian thinker Hujjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin Seyyed Mahdi Hosseinzadeh noted that the mission of the moral media that comes among people and creates unity, unison and agreement.
Thinker: Moral media must create unity, unison and agreement among people
 The speech comes as follows:
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
My Lord, expand my chest for me, ease my affairs, and loosen the knot from my tongue, so that they understand my words.
With greetings, courtesy and respect to dear participants, on the occasion of the 37th Islamic Unity Conference; Said God, the Blessed and Exalted, in Noble Qur’an: “Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and argue with them in a way that is best.” Moral teachings in governance, that is what we are talking about in media governance, the rule of media governance is the law of the Qur'an, because media governance is revealed, not evil. The role of Quranic teachings in the moral governance of the media is on three bases. Regarding the verse that I recited, I can present to you dear ones, in general, the Qur'an invites man; it calls: That is a medium. The medium of the Qur'an in the global invitation, equal to this invitation is the same medium that I mentioned, the media. A call is a letter; a letter is a call to the path of God: "Invite to the way of your Lord;" so we can use the three revelations of the media based on the verses of the Quran, i.e., wisdom and proof, preaching and good words, and in the best way, which is the appropriate way. Therefore, God calls us all, invites us to goodness and beauty. Now, if this call appears in the media, it is there to call us with debate. If wisdom and proof, good words and preaching, are not effective, then hold debate. This is a strong Quranic media in our Quranic governance. Well, it is here that people choose the good path. This is the mission of the moral media that comes among people and creates unity, unison and agreement. If we want the unity of the Islamic world, we must speak to the media of the Quran, not division, anxiety, and urgency. The more immoral the media is, the more it creates disasters and damages for itself. This is where all the media are responsible, " Each of you is a shepherd, and each of you is responsible for his flock." This is like the media is responsible for people and is with people. Therefore, our media should have good news while it disseminates news; both sending news and good news. But what is the evil media? “Satan promises you the poorest and makes you angry.” And the Satanic media wants to bring misfortune and call for ugliness and distaste, anomalies and injuries; therefore, media and virtual space for its users strengthens governance. Where governance strengthening should take place? In the social or individual ethics. The same media can also cause the destruction of the governance system and the change of ugly and obnoxious behaviors; So, we can look at it from both sides. The Quranic governance system is responsible for monitoring moral and social standards; otherwise, we will go nowhere; and the point we are making is that if the media wants to act in this style and in this way, it will be against freedom and technology, because the media is behaving in a satanic way, not divine. Therefore, we have to monitor and control the virtual space.

Whatever the law and constitution of any country, any world, anywhere in the world, if it is not observed, it will lead to nowhere. Therefore, if we want the freedom of the people not to be overshadowed by the evil media, the divine media should gain sovereignty. So that unity will govern the society; otherwise, I said, urgency and anxiety will arise. It is also noteworthy that the inappropriate and awkward virtual space is not only influencing the family, Iran, but the world, because we have a theoretical unity in these areas. The social, moral and human unity makes the world plural and refracted; if we have an abnormality in the media, the moral and social customs of the people will put people in a crisis and confusion and anxiety. This is where the Qur'an says beautifully. "Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good preaching.” With Quranic reasoning and wisdom, preaching and debate, which are Quranic teachings, can we save the Ummah and the nation. In this context, if we want to ask for help from the Quran, it says: “If a wicked person comes to you with news, verify it.” If you hear and see news from the media, do your research and expertise. Here, I need to add to this point and say that the tact of managers and brokers manifests itself here: That a professional code of ethics should be written for its users, of course, I looked that a delivery code of ethics and media was neither comprehensive nor complete. It seems that we have a very detailed and strong code of ethics for the ethical governance of our media. So that it can be a role model for the media of the world; so that, this charter can rule in the global society; so that, we don't fall into the collapse of societies. Here comes the discussion of enlightenment and jihad of explanation that we have to say about cyber space for the young generation, because we don't say that we are in trouble. Do you think that people know everything? We should promote the culture of explanation jihad, which is the same media that the Supreme Leader mentioned: “We should promote the explanation jihad as the media in the society, rather than the government. Ethics and human values can follow the unity of national interests. The point to be pondered here is that although the moral teachings are the same moral rules and laws that can be universal for us, the moral standards of each nation are different but not inclined. This unity of the media in governance can actually happen, although there can be different views in different nations and religions. So, the unity of moral teachings in the field of governance can bring us to this point that the virtual space will not allow us to cause damage to our collective communication, our people, our intellectual space, our privacy to be damaged, and that we are saying that a belief, religion and Quranic thinking is not zero, but it is a human thinking, a thinking. It is moral. It is a social thought. Social responsibilities require that we do not get into trouble with the virtual space where things happen to people or we bring up news and issues that harm the society.

The governance of the media is allowed so that the virtual space does not destroy and hack the social capital. The media manager does not allow the governance of the media so that the people will suffer from this concern. A point of professor Shahid Morteza Motahari says that it is very beautiful, the means of guiding every time itself is that time, it is a very valuable expression that we can use, that the media is one of these means of guidance, which in time can play a role in influencing the religion and culture of the Qur'an and the teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and Unity among the Muslims of the world, and this means of guidance can play a good role, as it can with moral standards. If it is not compatible, it can cause damage. The Qur'an considers morality and the health and soul of man to be the criteria for the society moving towards justice, elimination of oppression and injustice and providing charity to the people, shouting against violence and informing the people, supporting political and social freedoms. We must know that governing the media and complying with ethical standards is not only against limitation but also serving delimitation. This is the point. Our dear young people should note this especially. Therefore, in order to support political and social freedoms, we must make the media healthy and give it health. It can be a significant media for the human society and the Islamic society, as well as the good and forbidding of the filth and ugliness. The main thing is to show and forbid the evil, which is one of the most basic and principled issues of Islamic religion and culture. It is a great media, it calls everyone, it invites everyone, to tell the truth, to explain the sanctity of concealment of the truth and fact. The media is in need of testimony so that the right will emerge and the false will be disrepute. How beautiful is this. We should define enjoining to good, so that people will know enjoining to good is this way. Enjoining to good is not limited to a special condition. Quran says, “God does not like to speak badly except for one who is wronged.”  God does not like someone to shout unless he is subject to injustice. If there is oppression, that is where you should shout. At the end of my speech, I should say that the governance of the media has indicators and elements that, with morality and justice, will inform the world community to create unity, the rule of law, not disenfranchisement. Its indicators are avoiding sedition not creating sedition, being careful not being negligent, being punctual not taking time, wanting unity not being divisive, telling the truth not lying and other things that exist in the governance of the ethical media. Among other indicators are conscientiousness, trust building, punctuality, political education and awareness development, problem-solving, charity, charitable giving, expert review, reformation and good language and calligraphy. Based on the points that I have presented; we can see the reflection of news and content from this point of view and with this horizon. The question is: How can it bring about unity and empathy and victories in the society and in fact lead global community towards unity, consensus and unison?

Therefore, we must pay attention to this. We must have a global media moral charter that we can follow this path along with ethical and Quranic discussions. Therefore, there were people in the Islamic society who were right-seekers and supporters. How could they, alike Imam Khomeini and his companions, lead the revolution to victory? The answer is that it was definitely the role of media at work. Now, the word is that the media had its place; how and through which medium could they bring the revolution to victory? Imam himself defines standing of the media and shows the place of the media by an interpretation of a teacher and coach. He says that the media should be a coach and a teacher. How powerful the base and position of the media can be. In fact, I will end this sentence by a quotation from the Qur'an: "By the pen and what they write." I swear to the pen, which is the source of all media. Imam says: “Know that this pen is in your hand, it is in the presence of God and it asks you why this word is written, a word of unity and a word of division and separation. We must be careful. God put us on the path of your guidance, so that we can serve the religion and religion of the Qur'an with our pen and step, and not be ashamed of our words and writings on the Day of Judgment.
 Peace be upon you and his mercy and blessings
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