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Iran: Azerbaijani authorities must explanation about anti-Iranian cooperation with Zionist regime

31 Mar 2023 - 21:37

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran Nasser Kanaani has called the remarks of the Foreign Minister of the Zionist regime regarding the formation of a united anti-Iranian front, as well as the remarks of the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan on the "new stage of strategic partnership" between Azerbaijan and the Zionist regime, as an implicit confirmation of the anti-Iranian orientation of their cooperation and called for an explanation from the Azeri authorities.

 The spokesman of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized the unbreakable historical and religious bond between the people of Iran and Azerbaijan and added that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always tried to thwart the efforts of ill-wishers to create a distance between the two neighboring countries and the government of Azerbaijan is also expected to avoid the trap set by the enemies of the relations between the two countries.
"It is obvious that the Islamic Republic of Iran cannot remain indifferent to the conspiracy of the Zionist regime against it from the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan."
Concurrent with the opening of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tel Aviv, Eli Cohen, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Zionist regime, spoke about the increase of anti-Iranian cooperation between Tel Aviv and Baku.

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