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Over a dozen Palestinians injured in Israeli attack on Nablus protesters

28 Jan 2023 - 11:20

At least thirteen Palestinians have been injured and suffered respiratory problems as Israeli forces targeted protesters near the West Bank city of Nablus with tear gas canisters.

Israeli forces used fatal violence on Friday to disperse rallies against the construction of new colonial settlements near Beita, south of Nablus, and another rally in Beit Dajan against threats to grab Palestinian-owned lands.

According to medical sources, 10 people suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation in Beit Dajan and three others suffered the same in Beita, WAFA news agency reported.

The far-right Israeli cabinet, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, has put the expansion of illegal settlements top on the agenda.

Meanwhile, Palestinians across the West Bank have risen up against decades of Israeli apartheid and occupation, and the village of Beita is one of many villages that see confrontations.

According to Palestinian media, some eight people from the town have been killed and 620 others injured while trying to confront a settler outpost built on top of Mount Sabih.

Israeli forces have also erected another outpost atop Mount Al-Amara, north of the village. The strategic location of the mountains enables the occupiers to overlook the Jordan Valley.

"Seizing the two hilltops represents a panoptical defensive tool as they would grant the Israeli occupation with a panoramic view over the Jordan Valley and the whole district of Nablus. This is why the Israeli occupation authorities have assigned them a place in its settlement expansion project," WAFA reported.

The Israeli regime proclaimed existence in 1948 after occupying huge swathes of regional territories during a Western-backed war.

It occupied more land, namely the West Bank, which includes East al-Quds, the Gaza Strip, and Syria's Golan Heights in another such war in 1967.

Ever since Tel Aviv has built more than 250 settlements upon the occupied lands and deployed the most aggressive restraints on Palestinian freedoms there. Between 600,000 and 750,000 Israelis occupy the settlements.

All Israeli settlements are illegal under international law due to their construction upon occupied territory. The United Nations Security Council has condemned the regime’s settlement activities through several resolutions.

The crackdown comes as since the start of 2023, Israeli forces have shot and killed some 30 Palestinians.

In of the deadliest days, the regime's forces gunned down nine people on Thursday in the Jenin refugee camp, north of the occupied West Bank.

Palestinian media outlets reported that Israeli forces stormed the flashpoint city and the neighboring refugee camp with more than 70 armed vehicles on Thursday, triggering violent confrontations with local residents.

Israeli snipers were also deployed on rooftops, and heavily-armed soldiers opened fire toward Palestinian youths who attempted to block their entry.

Most of the raids have focused on Nablus and Jenin, where Israeli forces have been trying to stifle a growing Palestinian resistance in the occupied cities.

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