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Clashes break out in Italy as far-right, left-wing groups hold rallies

5 Dec 2022 - 22:59

Clashes broke out Sunday in Italy after far-right and left-wing activists held separate rallies against the Russia-Ukraine war.

A group of about 300 far-right and pro-Russian activists gathered in Piazzale Cadorna in the center of Milan to protest against sending weapons to Ukraine and the expansion of anti-Russian sanctions.
Marching with torches and Italian flags, they carried banners saying "We are united against the war" and "No to hostility to Russia."Meanwhile, more than 500 left-wing demonstrators gathered in Largo Cairoli Square to protest against the ongoing Ukraine war and "fascism."
Security forces intervened when the left-wing group attempted to march toward the area where the extreme rightists were holding demonstrations.
One security officer was injured in the fierce brawl that broke out between the police and left-wing protestors, according to local media reports.

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