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19 million Yemenis challenged by food insecurity: ICRC report

31 Oct 2022 - 13:42

Latest report by the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) has revealed that 19 million people in Yemen are challenged by food insecurity as a result of the Saudi-led coalition atrocities against the impoverished Arab country.

The ICRC has also revealed in its latest report that Yemen is in need of immediate political solution to end the sufferings resulted by US and Saudi atrocities during the last eight years, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Martin Schuepp, ICRC’s regional director for Eurasia, has announced following his latest visit to Yemen that two out of three Yemenis, nearly 19 million people, are suffering food insecurity.
He added that a greater number do not have access to the first healthcare though Yemen is not a focal point.
Martin Schuepp stressed on guarantees for continuation of assistance provided through international financial aids reaching the people.
The UN has been misusing the circumstances collecting financial aids under the pretext of saving Yemeni people.
Different UN agencies release reports on the expansion of the critical humanitarian situation and malnutrition of the children and pregnant women in Yemen to raise more funds.
These agencies ignore the impacts of Saudi-led coalition aggressions during the past eight years instead they distract the international community by detailing the “domestic clashes” and not an “international coalition” which began war against Yemeni people.
To fulfill the humanitarian demands of the Yemeni citizens and revealing reports on unprecedented malnutrition of children and threats of draught in Yemen as a result of “clashes” has been the prevalent motto promoted by the UN in order to receive budget.
Observers however discussed that not the humanitarian aids but an end to the war make the best solution for the situation in Yemen.

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