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Hamas louds Iran's support for resistance

22 Aug 2022 - 16:13

A member of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" hailed the Islamic Republic of Iran for its support of the resistance and has said that the West Bank is modeled on the Gaza Strip to take steps in the direction of developing the power of resistance.

He said: "Thanking Iran is in line with the Islamic country's support for the axis of resistance, and we are now on the threshold of the battle of "The Promised End" or Wadal Akhera" and we must prepare for it.
The battle of "The Promised End" or Wadal Akhera" is considered as the Quranic allusion referring to the verse of Al-Isra of Holy Quran which is mentioned there as "second warning".
The senior member of the political bureau of the Hamas movement considered the relations of this movement with other Arab and Islamic countries and all the countries of the world in line with the liberation of Palestine and noted: "The relations of this movement with Egypt are also clear and the role of this country is important regarding the Palestinian issue."
Regarding the Zionist resistance of the West Bank, Al-Zahar also said: "West Bank resistance in terms of progress and creating confusion and concern in Zionist circles is a version of the Gaza resistance."

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