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Ayatollah Raisi in a meeting with the members of Sunni Caucus of Majlis:

Iran consider diversity of ethnic groups, religions an advantage, opportunity

19 Aug 2022 - 10:29

President Ebrahim Raisi has described the diversity of ethnic groups and religions in the country as an advantage and opportunity for the Islamic Republic and stated, "The progress of the country depends on cooperation and empathy, and paying attention to this valuable opportunity and advantage will definitely lead to the growth and promotion of the country".

The President added, "The dedication of 11,000 Sunni martyrs during the Sacred Defense period shows that our Sunnis are pious and supporter of the Islamic Revolution, and we all have a duty and feel responsible for solving their concerns and problems".
Raisi said that removing deprivation from all parts of the country is the duty of the government and parliament, and said, "It does not matter where this deprivation is in the country and with what ethnic and religious composition. The Popular Administration does not like deprivation, and is working hard to implement justice and remove deprivation from all deprived areas of the country".
Referring to the issues raised by some representatives about the problem of unemployment and housing in some Sunni areas of the country, the President said, "Eliminating unemployment and creating employment is a priority for the government. In this regard, it is necessary that all our efforts should be focused on giving people hope for the country's valuable assets and exploiting them".
Ayatollah Raisi said, "Solving people's problems in housing, especially rural housing, is on the agenda of the government, and we have emphasized to the relevant authorities to provide facilities in this field".
Regarding the notification and implementation of provincial tour resolutions, which was raised by one of the representatives, the President also clarified, "The implementation of provincial tour resolutions is mandatory and the second round of these trips will begin with the condition of following up on the implementation of these resolutions. In addition to the ministers, the governor-generals and the Vice-President for Executive Affairs are also required to follow up and supervise the implementation of provincial tour resolutions".
Dr Raisi continued to point out that the Popular Administration believes taking advantage of the capacity of efficient forces regardless of ethnicity and religion, and added, "We have repeatedly stated that the employment of local and efficient forces is one of the main priorities of the 13th Administration in the selection of forces because it increases the motivation in the executive body".
Ayatollah Raisi emphasized the issue of providing drinking water, strengthening infrastructure and transportation roads and activating border markets with the aim of organizing the trade of border dwellers, and said, "We deeply believe that removing deprivation from the deprived and underserved areas of the country along with providing services to the people will strengthen national security".
Raisi emphasized, "The progress of the country depends on cooperation and empathy, and political alignments will not solve the problems of the country. Thanks to the Almighty God, with the cooperation and synergy formed inside the country, people's problems will be solved"

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