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Huj. Shahriari discusses Muslim world issues with top Russian mufti

14 Jul 2022 - 17:14

Secretary General of World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought met with senior Russian mufti in Ufa expressing concern over efforts to undermine friendly ties among Muslim communities.

Hujjat-ul-Islam Hamid Shahriari, in part of his trip to Russia met with Talgat Tajuddin in Ufa to exchange views on the latest issues in the world of Islam, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Russian mufti referred to the lifestyle of Muslims in Russia and detailed the ceremonies to mark anniversary of Russians embracing Islam.
Two clerics expressed concern over the lates issues in the world of Islam and also western struggles to undermine the fraternal ties among Muslims across the globe.
Head of the Central Muslim Spiritual Directorate of Russia slammed the west as mastermind of the terrorist groups like Daesh, expansion of extremist ideologies and also imposing western lifestyle on Muslims.
“West has also taken measures in Russia in order to spark division among Muslims in some regions naming in Chechnya” said the Russian mufti and added that all measures have failed.
Secretary General of world Forum for  Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought led a delegation of religious and cultural figures from Iran in this trip.

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