Publish date22 Jun 2013 - 11:10
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Sunni prayer leader:

“Iran presidential election was manifest of religious unity.”

Friday prayer leader of Sanandaj in Kurdistan Province praised recent presidential election in Iran for proving solidarity among all people from different denominations saying that the event was manifest of Iranian determination for the international arena.
“Iran presidential election was manifest of religious unity.”
Mamusta Hessam El Din Mojtahedi, Sunni prayer leader of Sanandaj, in his weekly Friday sermon lauded the large turnout of Iranian nation in presidential election noting that the people showed that they will let no one to interfere in their domestic affairs, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” Iranian people, with their wide participation in election, showed their religious and national unity to the world.” And added,” They proved they would not exchange honor and determination of their country with anything in the world.”

Sunni cleric called June 14th as the day of unity between nation and the leadership and added,” Undoubtedly this day shows loyalty of the Iranian people to jurisprudence and the undeniable role of the nation in all affairs of the country.”

According to the Sunni cleric cooperation of all Iranian people from different Islamic denominations in the election proved the determination and unity of the nation and in this line huge turnout of the people in Sunni district of Kurdistan showed their loyalty for jurisprudence.

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