Pentagon reports deployment of 3’000 extra troops to Afghanistan
The Pentagon has announced that the US is deploying over 3’000 additional troops to Afghanistan in line with a so-called campaign against terrorism.
Publish date : Tuesday 19 September 2017 11:42
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Defense Secretary James Mattis made the announcement during an impromptu news conference with reporters at the Pentagon on Monday.

The decision followed US President Donald Trump’s South Asia strategy, announced in August, when Mattis said he had signed orders to send additional troops without specifying the size of the force.
The retired United States Marine Corps general has so far managed to keep the exact number in the dark but earlier reports suggested that it would be closer to 3,500.

Most of the forces, half of which come from the 82nd Airborne, were already en route to Afghanistan.

The former general further commented on recent military accidents that have resulted in the deaths or injuries of over 50 troops since June, asserting that "after we find the specifics (as to what caused each accident)," we will see "what are the circumstances surrounding those issues." 
The United States sent forces to Afghanistan about 16 years ago to defeat the Taliban terrorists but the militant group is still fully operative.

Washington claims that the massive military presence in Afghanistan is only aimed at maintaining security across the country until Afghan military forces are ready to take over the responsibility.