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‘Religious minorities, certain part of Iranian nation’ Shia cleric

On the eve of the New Year 2018 Christians in the Iranian city of Urumia marked the birth anniversary of Prophet Jesus Christ (PBUH).
‘Religious minorities, certain part of Iranian nation’ Shia cleric
Ceremonies for the birth anniversary of Prophet Jesus Christ (PBUH) was held in Iran’s Northwestern city of Urumia participated by provincial authorities, representative of the province in Parliament’s Assembly of Experts, Secretary General of World Forum of Assyrians and also the Assyrian community in St Mary Church, Urmia, Tawrib News Agency (TNA) reported.
The ceremony opened with the congratulatory message of Iran’s Parliament speaker, Ali Larijani, read by the secretary general of world Union of Assyrians.
Ali Larijani, Iran’s Parliament speaker, in his message highlighted confrontation with ignorance and violence as the teachings of Prophet Jesus Christ (PBUH) stressing the role of teachings by the prophet in expanding friendly ties across the globe.
He noted the kindness of Prophet Jesus Christ (PBUH) as the basic demand of modern man and said,” Followers of the prophet can reveal the grounds for peace and friendship by practicing his recommendations.”
Iranian Parliament speaker in his message congratulated the Christians, particularly the Christian community in Iran, extending his well wishes of peace and calm for all.
Alireza Radfar, political and security deputy of Western Azerbaijan governor, hailed Christians and Muslims for leading years of coexistence and the sacrifices they made during the sacred defense in Iran.
According to the official, more than 100 Christian martyrs of the Iraq war in Iran is proof for brilliant role of the religious minority in Iran.
He alluded to the holy book of Islam calling Christians as the closest religious group to Muslims with the same affection with each other since the beginning of Islam.
He praised the Christian community for proving their love for their homeland and referred to the name Mary as one of the 10 most popular names for Muslims while the name Jesus has its certain enthusiasts.
Religious minorities, certain part of Iranian nation
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Akbar Ghoreishi, representative of Western Azerbaijan Province in the Assembly of Experts noted,” Religious minorities comprise a certain part of the great Iranian nation.”
He lauded the active role of religious minorities in Iran’s Parliament and stressed their rights to attend the elections and appoint their representative in the constitutional body of the country.
The cleric notes the importance of religious minorities in Iran and added,” Martyrs of the religious minority in Iran manifest interfaith solidarity and cooperation in Iran.
Ayatollah Ghoreishi alluded to holy Qur’an not discriminating the prophets and said,” Jesus Christ (PBUH) is the prophet for followers of all religions particularly Christians.”
The ceremony concluded with reading of the message issued by Mohammad Mahdi Shahryari, governor of Western Azerbaijan Province.
He expressed gratitude that the high status of Prophet Jesus Christ (PBUH) has founded the prospects for healthy and humane relations as well as grounds for peaceful social life.
Part of this message reads,” It is with this approach and transcended behavior in monotheistic religions that there remains the hope for savior of all deviate people.”
The message stressed the urgent demand of human society for teachings by Prophet Jesus Christ (PBUH) in order to stabilize the basics for a favorable social life of ‘rejection of violence’ and ‘coexistence’.
Governor in his message added,” Islamic Republic of Iran is honored to welcome diversity of ethnical and religious groups protecting the rights of followers of all religions and the badge rightly serves for the people in Western Azerbaijan Province which is home to Christians, Muslims, Jews and Zoroastrians throughout history.”
The message concluded,” As heir to our wise ancestors, we are obliged to protect and enrich this priceless historical-cultural heritage.”
Attended by Muslim and Christian figures, ceremony for the birth anniversary of Prophet Jesus Christ (PBUH) was held in St Mary Church, Urmia.
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