Publish date5 Nov 2011 - 17:58
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"Israeli" Entity

"Israeli" air forces fears southern Palestine

TNA - Beirut
"Israeli" air forces fears southern Palestine

"Israeli" enemy air forces changed its movement of aircraft within the south of occupied Palestine after the last Eilat attack because of fear of the possibility that Palestinian factions may possess anti-aircraft missiles.

According to "Israel today" newspaper, a senior source in the Air Force said "the Israeli army decided to fly away to the possible extent from the Egyptian border, this decision is taken in light of the sensitivity that witnessed the relationship between the Zionist entity and Egypt and potential fear of Palestinian organizations to own anti-aircraft missiles for the implementation of a major offensive".

Also, "Israeli" fears of anti-aircraft missiles have increased after the revolution in Libya, where the opponents of the Gaddafi regime took control of a lot of military equipment which was held by the Army, and "Israel" estimates that a portion of these weapons arrived to the hands of the Palestinian organizations in the Gaza Strip.

A senior "Israeli" officer told the newspaper that the "Israeli" Air Forces is practicing a process of risk management and the aviation today along the southern border, has become more dangerous and if an accident happen on the border, as it happened in August, there is no doubt that the threat to aircraft will be greater.
However, the official said that according to the military need, the Air Force will not hesitate to go beyond the new borders of the region.
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