Publish date29 May 2022 - 1:30
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Al-Nujaba issued a statement emphasizing:

Iraqi parliament’s anti-Zionist law is blessed, but it has major flaws

The al-Nujaba Movement praised the Iraqi parliament’s new resolution to counter the normalization of Baghdad-Tel Aviv relations, noting that the law has fundamental flaws that need to be addressed with caution due to the removal of important points from its draft document.
Iraqi parliament’s anti-Zionist law is blessed, but it has major flaws
  According to the website of the representative office of al-Nujaba in Iran, the al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement issued a statement welcoming the Iraqi parliament’s decision to counter the “normalization of relations with the Zionist regime” and appreciating the goodwill of the members of parliament, condemned the interventionist positions of the United States and the United Kingdom in opposition to the law.
Al-Nujaba also warned the government not to delay the law expelling foreign occupation forces from Iraq and also not to delay the implementation of this law either.
Al-Nujaba’s statement, while pointing to the Movement’s refusal to enter the Iraqi political process, offers objections, warnings and considerations in terms of ideological and national values, in order to prevent the passage of the said resolution:
1) The title of the draft law was “criminalization,” but when it was passed, it was changed to “prohibition.” It is very clear that the term “criminalization” has a greater legal effect than the term “prohibition,” and this has caused a contradiction between its title and its text.
2) This law was originally intended to be added to the previous laws in order for the relevant authorities, with the support of the people, to prosecute the traitors who have openly and secretly laid the groundwork for the influence of Mossad and other Zionist organizations in northern Iraq and Baghdad and was not meant to replace all previous laws.
3) The removal of Article 4 – which was the strongest and most comprehensive article of this law – and replacing it with short articles in several clauses because the removed article included all kinds of relations with the Zionist regime and had clear details.
4) A major flaw has been created in the alternative article to Article 4, entitled “Religious Pilgrimages with the Consent of the Ministry of the Interior,” which, in addition to being a gateway to normalization of relations, espionage and the implicit recognition of the Zionist regime, allows communication with the official channels of this regime to obtain a visa to travel to the Occupied Territories and also their entry into Iraq under the suspicious title of pilgrimage! Doing so would break this law and the old laws and open the door wide for the “Directorate of Abrahamic Religious Affairs” project promoted by the evil United States.
5) Removal of Article 5 from the proposed draft, which deems opponents of the law to be “executed” on charges of “great treason” and includes the heads of the three branches of government, their deputies, ministers, members of parliament, heads of ministries, general managers and holders of special positions to equate dealing with them with dealing with ordinary people while the consequences of the behavior of officials should be double compared to others because they have major responsibilities.
6) Removal of Article 6 of the draft, which includes domestic and foreign companies and civil society organizations operating in Iraq if proven to work for the normalization of relations with Israel. Removal of this article means that companies and institutions can take such actions, especially foreign companies and institutions because there is no law to condemn them and it is not possible for them to be dealt with or expelled by Iraqi organizations.
7) The lack of an article that would prevent any foreign action to normalize relations inside Iraq. This means that the biggest actors in the normalization of relations can enter Iraq formally, as long as they do not propagandize inside Iraq to normalize relations. In this case, the Iraqi officials will not be able to deal with them and they will not even be able to ask them to leave Iraq!
The statement from the al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement, while pointing out that there may be other problems with this law, once again praised the founders of the parliamentary resolution and at the same time noted, “We ask our brothers to study the law more carefully so that such loopholes are not filled in such a way that its external appearance is against the normalization of relations, but its internal appearance is in favor of normalization.”
In conclusion, al-Nujaba stressed that the representatives of the Iraqi people must not ignore the objections that give hope to the supporters of the normalization of relations and incite the greed of the Zionist regime and called on all free Muslim and Arab people to put pressure on their governments and force them to take action to tighten the noose around the neck of the occupying regime and accelerate the decline of Israel by taking the path of Iraq.
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