Publish date26 Jan 2022 - 19:32
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Iran's parliament lambastes Canada's use of fake term for Persian Gulf

Iran's Member of parliament objected to the use of the fake term "Arab Gulf" by the Canadian government for the Persian Gulf.
The representative of the people of Mashhad said: "The Canadian government itself is still in British slavery and they are interfering in issues that are not related to them."
Emphasizing that the Persian Gulf is always shining, he called on Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdolhian to address the issue.
Other lawmakers also supported the objection.

Another senior Iranian lawmaker stated on Wednesday that the southern Iranian strategic waterway has always been called "the Persian Gulf" and will remain so.
This is a historical truth well known by the Arab states, Shahriar Heydari said at the Majlis (Parliament) open session this morning.
The name the Persian Gulf has been registered even on the oldest maps, so if the Persian Gulf littoral states (Arab countries) study the historical maps and documents well, they will find the truth, the parliamentarian noted.
"The correct English name for this stretch of water is 'The Persian Gulf'," reads a confidential circular by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office which dates back to May 8, 1978.
As the lawmaker underlined, the library of Baghdad which is one of the most reliable ones among the Arabs has mentioned the correct name of the Persian Gulf in all its historical sources.
Historical texts and sources have never used the fake name for the Persian Gulf, he stressed.
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