Publish date18 Nov 2020 - 17:44
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Sweden court lifts Islamic Hijab ban at Malmo schools

A court in Sweden has reportedly reversed a ruling which bans wearing Islamic hijab by Muslim students in schools in a southern Swedish town.
Sweden court lifts Islamic Hijab ban at Malmo schools
Malmo Administrative Court of Appeals reversed a previous decision which banned wearing Islamic hijab at schools in the town.

A statement by the ombudsperson said that the appeal had been made for violating the Swedish constitution.

The Skurup town council had banned the headscarf for students under the age of 13 last year. However, one of the school principals in the area had said that he does not recognize the decision and would not implement it in his school.

European countries have come under fire for their obsession with banning the Islamic headscarf and face veil.

In Sweden, proposals on the issue have been endorsed by MPs from the Centre Party, the Liberals, the Moderates and the Swedish Democrats since 2009.

The annual European Islamophobia Report shows that political and public discourses of Nordic countries continually feature debates on the role of the face veil and the headscarf in public spaces.

However, both in Finland as well as in Sweden, legislative proposals for face veil bans have failed so far.
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