Publish date18 Nov 2020 - 19:02
Story Code : 482437

Al-Azhar calls for global reaction against Zionist terrorism

Al-Azhar University has issued a statement to condemn Israeli regime for construction of new settlement units in occupied lands calling on the international community to support Palestinian nation against the expansionist policies.
Al-Azhar calls for global reaction against Zionist terrorism
Prestigious Egyptian university in this statement has censured Israeli authorities over the decision to build 1257 new settlement units in the occupied Palestinian lands in West Bank in a bid to change the demographic trend of the region, reported Taqrir b News Agency (TNA).

In this statement by Al-Azhar the world countries are demanded to take firm stance against Zionist terrorism and the decisions made by Tel Aviv regime for clearly violating the international agreements.
It also called for full support for the Palestinian nation and their fight for liberation of the occupied lands as well as the religious sanctities which have been assaulted.
Egyptian academy hailed the perseverance and determination of Palestinians for achieving their legal demands.
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