Publish date10 Oct 2020 - 9:19
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CBI Chief Blasts US Imposition of Sanctions on Iranian Banks

TEHRAN (FNA)- Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnasser Hemmati blasted the US for imposing sanctions on Iranian banks, and said that some of the sanctioned banks were handling imports of food and medicine and worked with foreign banks which still hold all the necessary waivers from the US government
CBI Chief Blasts US Imposition of Sanctions on Iranian Banks
"Although in the past months we have been in dire need to provide medicine and food to the people due to the maximum pressure, so far we have not allowed any shortage to be felt in the country," Hemmati said.
He reiterated that from now on, the CBI along with the private sector will make every effort to supply medicine and basic goods needed by the people and will not allow more pressure to be put on the people in this area.

"This shows that the claims of human rights and humanitarianism by the leaders of this country are false and deceptive, and such actions will definitely be recorded in the memory of the Iranian nation," Hemmati added.
The US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control on Thursday imposed sanctions on 18 Iranian banks and financial institutes in a move to bring the Iranian people to their knees.
The Trump administration decided to impose new sanctions on Iran's financial sector in defiance of European allies who warned that the move could have devastating humanitarian consequences on the country.
In relevant remarks on Wednesday, Iran's Representative at the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly Mohammad Zareyian warned that the US sanctions have blocked easy access to humanitarian goods and are endangering the lives of millions of people who face the coronavirus outbreak.

"The United States' insistence on continuing--or even doubling down-- on its illegal sanctions policy is not only immoral and against international law, but also endangers the lives of many people fighting the coronavirus across the globe. Contrary to the US claims, humanitarian goods and services are affected by the cruel sanctions. Financial institutions fear the US vengeance, which is why the financial channels created to facilitate transactions for humanitarian commodities, have had no tangible results," Zareyian said, addressing the 75th session of the Third Committee.

"The inhumane unilateral coercive measures have blocked Iran’s efforts to import medicine and other medical supplies needed to fight the pandemic, thereby denying Iranians the right to health and to life. The unlawful sanctions have dealt a hefty blow to the very basic and fundamental rights of my people. And now, the ironic tragedy is that the US and its blind followers who confirm the unilateral coercive measures feel they can lecture us on human rights," he added.
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