Publish date28 Sep 2020 - 14:09
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Tehran bans mourning procession of Arba'een due to pandemic

Public mourning processions of Arba'een, 40th day after martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) is banned in Tehran due to the pandemic infection and warning of a third wave of the novel coronavirus in the Iranian capital.
Tehran bans mourning procession of Arba
Rouhullah Abdullahi, from the headquarter for Muharram ceremonies announced that based on a warning issued by Iran's Health Ministry, the annual public ceremonies for Arba'een are cancelled as part of efforts to protect the mourners and preventing expansion of the pandemic, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Religious groups and mourners will accordingly be informed on the protocols based on which they can mark the mourning ceremonies for the lunar month of Safar, particularly Arba'een.
The ceremonies are expected to be allowed under special supervisions and health protocols monitored during Muharram ceremonies including wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing.
"Charity foods, public march of Arba'een and any form of gathering without health protocols are forbidden" stressed Rouhullah Abdullahi and added that the ceremony will be held in open spaces and merely for one hour.
Arba'een is the 40th day after the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), third Shia Imam and grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who was martyred in the Battle of Karbala along with 72 of his companions and household members back in 680 AD.
Millions of Muslims and followers of other religions loyal to the third Shia Imam attend the Arba'een ceremonies, particularly the great march held for the occasion from Najaf to the holy city of Karbala where the tomb of Imam Hussein (AS) is located.
This year, however, only Iraqi pilgrims are allowed to attend the great march due to the pandemic infection.
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