Publish date23 Feb 2020 - 16:42
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True democracy in Iran, nation behind Islamic Republic’s determination

Survival of a democratic state depends upon people’s active participation in elections.
Jafar Ghanadbashi, Iranian political commentator
Jafar Ghanadbashi, Iranian political commentator
Jafar Ghanadbashi, political expert, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) related on definition of democracy stressing the role of elections in a democratic political system.
He said,” Continuation of life in a country based on democracy is absolutely dependent upon people’s vote.”
He noted,” An instance of ideological democracy is Islamic democracy which equally values people’s vote as a source of lawfulness.”
Jafar Ghanadbashi referred to few west Asian countries holding elections stressing,” There is no sign for popular participation in these countries as dictatorship dominates the majority of regional states.”
According to the Iranian political expert a religious state without popular vote cannot be called a religious democracy an instance of that is some US-backed Arab rulers far from democracy.
“Democracy in Iran is a true version of democracy” said the expert and added,” The laws compiled for democracy in Iran is derived from Islam and the people’s vote is confirmation of both the state and Islam.”
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