Publish date3 Dec 2019 - 13:56
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Talks, best strategy to counter Islamophobia, prejudice

Top Muslim world official stressed role of negotiations in campaign against Islamophobia calling on Islamic organizations and Muslim individuals to provide world people with the true image of the holy religion.
Talks, best strategy to counter Islamophobia, prejudice
Secretary General of Muslim World League, Sheikh Mohammed al-Issa, attended the opening day of the Saudi media associations held in the capital Riyadh to highlight the capabilities of talks in campaign against Islamophobia and prejudice as plagues for the entire world of Islam, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” Many think Islamophobes hate Muslims for no reason with whom reasoning is likely to be tough but will certainly bepromising.”
He called on the Muslims and Islamic organizations to provide the world people with an image of true Islam.
Al-Issa also warned of anti-Islam movements led by right hand extremists and referred to several cases of extremists who changed their views following talks.
“Some people are against Islam due to what they heard or seen” he said and added that such people are easy to communicate and discuss the issues with.
Secretary general of Muslim World League also referred to friendly ties between Muslims and right hand extremists concerned over demographic changes of immigration and called on Muslims to respect the laws, culture and constitution of the countries they migrate to.
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