Publish date16 Nov 2019 - 15:52
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On third day of 33rd Islamic Unity Conference:

Committee of Good Offices holds meeting

Participated by Iranian and foreign members, Committee of Good Offices held meeting at the 33rd Islamic Unity Conference in the Iranian capital of Tehran.
Committee of Good Offices holds meeting
Adnan Mansour, Lebanon's former foreign minister attending the Committee of Good Offices to denounce brutal behavior by some governments against Muslims, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He referred to the violent behavior against Kashmiri Muslims and said," A great number of Muslims are suffering from their government colonized by the US and Israeli regime."
He expressed gratitude for the Islamic Republic of Iran over its steady steps to boost unity among Muslims.
Syrian cleric attending the meeting denounced the US and Israeli regimes as governments not concerned over benefits of Syria.
He referred to inaction of governments over the situation of millions of Bangladeshi Muslims and called on Muslims to launch a union in support of the impoverished Muslims there.
Expressing concern over the oppression imposed against Muslims in China, Afghanistan and Palestine, he called on all Muslims to join hands and unite in solidarity with them.
The meeting was held on the third day of the 33rd Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran. The conference is held under the title of "Ummah Unity in Defense of al-Quds."
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