Publish date16 Nov 2019 - 14:02
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Muslim world academics meeting issues final statement  

Commission for intellectual academicians of Muslim world has held meeting at the 33rd Islamic Unity Conference as the participants exchanged views on al-Aqsa Mosque symbol of Islamic unity.
Muslim world academics meeting issues final statement  
Commission for "Strategic and Future Studies on the World without Zionist Regime" issued final message to wrap up the meeting held on the last day of the 33rd Islamic Unity Conference, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Participants to this meeting exchanged views on five main axes including the future of world without Zionist regime and also counting Arba'een march as the strategic inspiration for the great march of return.
Also among the axes discussed in this meeting were using the scientific and technological achievements to boost the resistance front in the world of Islam.
The final axis discussed in this meeting was necessity of applying resistance front achievements in universities and research centers.
Having discussed their views members of the commission slammed the increasing activities of the arrogant powers against Islamic countries and called for pursuit of Islamic unity by Islamic communities and stressing necessity of vis-à-vis scientific meetings by Muslim world intellectuals as an effective strategy to confront expansionist, extremist and Takfiri (excommunication) groups.
Participants also called on authorities in Muslim countries to value the human resources and prevent cultural and ideological division in the Islamic communities.
The commission was held on the third day of the 33rd Islamic Unity Conference underway in Tehran's Parsian Azadi Hotel.
Islamic Unity Conference 2019 is discussing "Ummah Unity in Defense of al-Aqsa Mosque".
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