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Third Mostafa Prize recognizes winners in Tehran

Third Mostafa science and technology prize has announced its 2019 winners in the Iranian capital of Tehran to distinguish the top Muslim researchers from across the globe concurrent with the Islamic Unity Week and birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
Third Mostafa Prize recognizes winners in Tehran
Participated by prominent scientific  and technology elites from across the globe the third Mostafa Prize was held as part of efforts to convene Muslim scientists and highlight the high scientific capacities in the world of Islam, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
In the first section on Life and Medical Science and Technology, professor Ugur Shahin, Turkish professor of immunology at University of Mainz, Germany was named due to his research on development and clinical testing of cancer vaccines tailored to the mutation profile of each cancer patient.
In the same section also Iranian-descent Ali Khadem Hosseini professor of Bioengineering, Chemical engineering and Radiology from the University of California, Los Angeles won the Mostafa (PBUH) prize for his research on Nano and Micro fabricated Hydrogels for Biomedical applications.
Also other areas of science and technology Professor Umran S. Inan, professor of Ionosphoric and Atmospheric Physics from Koc University, Turkey won the Mostafa Prize for understanding of whistler-mode wave-particle interaction in near-Earth space and the electrodynamic coupling between lighting discharges and the upper atmosphere.

Professor Hossein Baharvand, professor of stem cells and developmental biology at Royan institute, Iran, was named as another winner of 2019 Mostafa prize due to his achievements on Parkinson’s treatment and Eye AMD with stem cell as another Iranian researcher Dr Mohammad Abdolahad, faculty member of School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of was awarded for his research on new methods in diagnosis of cancer.
Mehdi Safarinia, secretary of the policy making committee of Mostafa Prize in his speech to participants of the ceremony called the prize as a hub for highlighting the capabilities of Muslim scientists in the world.
He also called the prize as a successful instant of awards determined to convene Muslim scientists across the globe and provide the grounds for cooperation among them.
The Mustafa Prize is a biennial science and technology award granted to the remarkable researchers and scientists of the Islamic World.
 The Prize is awarded in four categories, namely “Life and Medical Science and Technology”, “Nanoscience and Nanotechnology”, “Information and Communication Science and Technology”, and “All areas of science and technology”.
The laureates in each field receive the medal, certificate and USD 500,000 which is financed through the endowments made to the Prize.
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