Publish date26 Aug 2019 - 13:33
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Unity, security, science necessities of great Islamic civilization

Prominent Iranian cleric counted unity, security and science as the present necessities which should prevail in the world of Islam.
Unity, security, science necessities of great Islamic civilization
Ayatollah Hashem Husseini Boushehri, Iran’s deputy of Hajj affairs attended the convention of Sunni pilgrims on “Great Islamic Civilization” referred to the Supreme Leader remarks on launching “New Islamic Civilization” and counted cooperation and unity as preliminary steps for materialization of the objective, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Deputy of the Hajj affairs warned of division, intrigue and war as objectives of those against formation of the great Islamic government.
Ayatollah Husseini Boushehri highlighted security as one of the key issued pursued by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the holy book of Islam also recommends the Muslim community to join each other for leading coexistence.
The cleric also underlined the role of science and determination for Islamic countries referring to the era when western countries were consumers of the science in Islamic countries and hailed Islamic Republic of Iran materializing the motto of “We Can” to make great scientific achievements.
He lauded the Islamic unity between the Shia and Sunni communities in Iran maintaining the style of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
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