Publish date10 Aug 2019 - 13:04
Story Code : 433604

Ayatollah Khamenei invites 'everyone to help defeat ploy of century'

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the "deal of the century" which is to be unveiled by the US is a crime against humanity, urging "everyone" to help defeat it.
Ayatollah Khamenei invites
The ploy of the 'deal of the century' which is being plotted by the oppressive America and its treasonous cohorts is a crime against human society, and not just the Palestinian nation," the Leader said Saturday in his annual Hajj message.
"We are inviting everyone to actively participate in defeating the enemy's ploy and deception and believe that with the power and strength from God, this and all other ploys of the imperialist front is doomed to failure vis-a-vis the efforts and faith of the resistance front," he added.
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