Publish date15 Jun 2019 - 15:49
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“Deal of century means to abort liberation of Palestine”, Hamas

“Deal of Century” means to guarantee Israel security and abort any possibility for liberation of Palestine.
“Deal of century means to abort liberation of Palestine”, Hamas
Khalid al-Qaddoumi, representative of Palestinian resistance movement Hamas attended presser in Taqrib News Agency (TNA) stressing that occupation of al-Quds will be no longer tolerated that the US proposal called ‘deal of century’ means to guarantee security for Tel Aviv regime and aborting any effort for liberation of Palestine.
He said,” As the title for ‘deal of century’ conveys it means to trade something” adding that,” Only time will tell what the subject for this deal will be.”
Hamas representative said Palestinians’ reject the deal which denies the rights of Palestinian nation and noted,” We all take the same stance against Bahrain confab on Palestine to which no Palestinian was invited.
Khalid al-Qaddoumi said,” We are not traders and will not back track from our beliefs” and added Palestinians have no way but to resist against our enemies.
According to Hamas representative counted support for Tel Aviv regime, killing Palestinian people, accusing Hamas and blacklisting Iran’s IRGC as terrorists among practical measures in line with conducting the so-called Deal of Century.
He also counted the plotters, supporters and executors of the deal of century as three key parts of the plan.
Khalid al-Qoddoumi made the remarks in Saturday presser held at Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
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