Publish date6 Oct 2018 - 16:22
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Al-Quds top Mufti calls Muslims to visit al-Quds Mosque

In line with supporting the issue of Palestine, top mufti of al-Quds calls world Muslims o visit the holy mosque and back the objectives of Palestine.
Al-Quds top Mufti calls Muslims to visit al-Quds Mosque
Sheikh Ahmad Hussein, senior mufti of al-Quds  met with visiting Malaysian official to al-Quds Mosque demanded world Muslims to visit al-Quds Mosque as part of their support for the holy Mosque and achieving objectives of Palestine, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He expressed regret over the oppression, threats and crackdown of the Palestinian nation and said ,” Palestinians do not have permission for the smallest conventions to mark a spiritual leader; therefore, Muslims from across the globe should pay visit to al-Quds Mosque since that will strengthen their spirit.”
Doctor Ekram, a trustee of the al-Quds Mosque also denounced United States over showing the green light to the Zionist regime of Israel to behave Palestinians in any way they like.
Al-Quds Mufti invitation for Muslims comes as Zionist forces have begun a new wave of measures to prevent Muslims from the holy Mosque.
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