Publish date6 Oct 2018 - 12:24
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English, Urdu version of Iranian war novel published

Renowned Persian language novel on Iran-Iraq war has been translated into English and Urdu to spread the sufferings of Iranian people during Iraq forces invasion on border villages.
English, Urdu version of Iranian war novel published
“Farangis” is the name of the novel (female name taken after the protagonist) by Mahnaz Fattahi translated into English and Urdu for readers across the globe, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
“This is a global book which can have its international readers” said the author referring to her book on brevery of a village woman fighting for her life with bare hands.
Mahnaz Fattahi highlighted the local literature introduced in the book which can stand for the Iranian culture and proposed translation of the book into more languages.
The author referred that the book is based on a real story by Farangis Heydarpour, an Iranian Kurdish woman from Gilan-e Gharb County in Iran’s Kermanshah Province who flees her border village with other villagers as the region comes under ground attack by Iraqi forces.
The people would take turns to sneak into the village for food when Farangis, in one of her efforts, encounters two Iraqi soldiers killing one with her axe and taking the other as prisoner.

Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic in a trip to Kermanshah had stressed documenting her memoir from the encounter.
A life-size statue of the woman has been installed in Qasr-e Shirin County inspiring the author to persuade the heroine Farangis Heydarpour to let her story to be released in a book.
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