Publish date3 Oct 2018 - 15:15
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“Once Muslims unite, al-Quds will be freed”, Pakistani official

Senior member of Pakistan’s Ummah Wahida said that enemies seized Palestine due to dispersion of Muslims and vowed that once Muslims unite al-Quds will be freed.
“Once Muslims unite, al-Quds will be freed”, Pakistani official
Pir Seyed Chiraq uddin Shah, senior member of Pakistan’s Ummah Wahidah movement, noted that enemies prefer Muslims to be dispersed because their unity will lead to liberation of Palestine, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” If Muslims join and recognize the agony and rights of the Palestinian nation as their own agony and right then Palestine will be easily freed but we (Muslims) and Muslim rulers do not feel our responsibility.”
The cleric related on the way to materialize Islamic unity and said,” We all believe in monotheism, our holy book (Qur’an) and our prophet (Mohammad (PBUH)), are the same and we understand major issues challenging the world of Islam; hence, we should settle the minor disagreements and unite based on our numerous commonalities.”
Pakistani scholar also noted that the supporters of US decision to relocate its embassy in Jerusalem al-Quds are very few though we dismiss the support of some Islamic countries for the US as treachery to Islam since their cooperation with supporters of Palestine would turn out more effective.”
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