Publish date1 Oct 2018 - 14:05
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Isfahan seminary introduces Imam (As) Hussein to tourists

International seminary in Iran’s historical city of Isfahan welcomes foreign visitors with bottles of water and multilingual guides who introduce the third Shia Imam for tourists amid the mourning month of Muharram.
Isfahan seminary introduces Imam (As) Hussein to tourists
Distributing bottles of water, pamphlets in French and English, panels of discussion and multilingual eulogy are the ways tourists are embraced in Isfahan’s Naseriyeh Seminary, on southeastern corner of historical Imam Mosque, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
To visit a Muslim country like Iran during the mourning month of Muharram brings its certain experiences as one will face the most important religious landmark and find a different picture of people totally different from what western media picture as Shia traditions during Ashura.

As Isfahan makes a certain destination for almost all visitors to Iran, professors and preachers in Naseriyeh Seminary (Abbasi School) have their special wisdom to introduce the true image of Imam Hussein (AS) and the Battle of Karbala for tourists visiting the place during Muharram.

“Multilingual discussion panels, discussing the objectives of Imam Hussein (AS) in his uprising and the philosophy of mourning his martyrdom for over 14 centuries are among the key schedules at this school.” said Hujjat-ul-Islam Seyyed Hussein Momeni, from Naseriyeh Seminary.

Pamphlets explain the different events in Muharram as those interested to take Arbaeen pilgrimage can find the guides and coordination there.

The seminary is active with its preaching programs for tourists visiting the place throughout the year and the first center for Islamic tourism for religious activities.
Besides the seminary over ten other centers are also holding exhibitions and similar gatherings for tourists.

Tourists are served with bottles of water as a tragic incident during the Battle of Karbala was banning water for the household and companions of Imam Hussein (AS).

It is hoped that the effort will counter much Islamophobia moves, provide a true image of Islam, Shia beliefs, third Shia Imam and the Battle of Karbala in a move and bring those thoughtful for humanity, freedom and honor closer together.
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