Publish date12 Sep 2018 - 15:18
Story Code : 358371

'Without Islamic jurisprudent, Muslims would reach point of no return'

The religious cleric urged religious clerics and jurisprudents to propose their takes and thoughts based on jurisprudential and scientific facts.
"If religious clerics and jurisprudents do not propose their takes and thoughts  on  jurisprudential and scientific basis, then we do not have a correct understanding of the principles in divine religion of Islam," pointed out Religious cleric from Southern Khorasan,  Hojjatol Islam Ebrahim Sabzeh Kar, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Hojjatol Islam Sabzeh Kar placed stress on the status and leading role of religious jurisprudents in shepherding Muslims to the right path.
"Extremist groups emerged due to the lack of jurisprudence in the World of Islam," underlined the religious cleric urging Muslim clerics to be more vigilant in current situations.

To the religious cleric, Muslims nations without Islamic teachings, instructions and guidance provided by religious jurisprudent would reached the point of no return.

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