Publish date26 Aug 2018 - 15:00
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Saudi Arabia using Hajj to vent political ire

Arabic language alquds Alarabi paper in a note draw attention on Hajj 2018 held in an ambiance of tension and dissatisfaction among pilgrims in a general reaction to detention of Saudi rights activists and intensification of atrocities against Yemeni nation.
Saudi Arabia using Hajj to vent political ire
Saeed el-Shahabi, Bahraini political activist, in a note on how Hajj turned into an arena for retaliation has called the political exploitation of Saudi Arabia from the annual Islamic congregation as a reason for division among Muslim countries, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Bahraini thinker in his note said,” Religion brings unity and politics bring division. This is bare truth while many countries blame religion as the reason for political disagreements.”
According to the political activist Hajj is a massive religious congregation which gathers people from different nationalities, complexities, ethnicities and denominations together to follow the same rituals contrary to their difference on fiq’h explanations.
Saeed el-Shahabi in his note demanded origins of disagreements on Hajj and said,” Politicizing the spiritual ambiance of Hajj is among the certain reasons for the disagreements, mostly related to the general atmosphere of Hajj and relations between Muslim countries rather than performing the rituals.”
Alquds Alarabi in its report wrote,” Although there have been disagreements between Iran and Saudi Arabia over Hajj, the issues were not limited to Iran since Iraqi and Syrian pilgrims have also suffered  Saudi policies.”
1987 killing of 402 Hajj pilgrims, 1990 Mecca tunnel tragedy which led to death of over 1’400 pilgrims and Mina stampede in 2015 killing at least 2’236 pilgrims were followed by massive criticism on Saudi Arabia management of Hajj and proposals for and international board to manage the annual pilgrimage.
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