Iran holds Islam, Christianity conference in Uganda

14 Aug 2018 - 16:34

Iran’s cultural attaché in Uganda has held interfaith conference to discuss provocative religious issues spread in line with undermining the Islamic community and friendly ties between Muslim-Christian societies.

Iran’s cultural attaché in Uganda has held seminar on ‘Cultural Development in Light of Religions, Islam and Christianity’ in an effort to boost interfaith relations between Muslims and Christians attended by prominent religious figures from both countries, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Sheikh Juma Bakhit, educational deputy of the supreme council of Muslims referred to the satisfactory cooperation of Iran’s cultural attaché and rejected provocative religious subjects as an issue which undermines the pillars of Islamic society and friendly ties between Muslims and Christians.
Hajji Abdul Karim Kalisa, director of Islam television in Uganda praised Iran’s positive approach on solidarity of Islamic denominations calling the Islamic Republic as role model of unity and religious coexistence.
Bishop John Chrystostom Wayabire, head of the Revival Salvation and Apostolic Ministries extended his gratitude for the Islamic Republic of Iran for the interfaith move and alluded to the holy Bible on necessity of coexistence and mutual respect between different faiths and religious beliefs.

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