Publish date30 Jul 2018 - 14:22
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“Islamic Iran in Confrontation with Western Technology” published

Compiled by Mohammad Hussein Badamchi, “Islamic Iran in Confrontation with Western Technology” is the name of latest book on technology in Iran as an Islamic country, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
“Islamic Iran in Confrontation with Western Technology” published
The book includes works by Iranian intellectuals and prominent cultural figures including Seyyed Hussein Nasr, Mahdi Golshani, Abdul Hussein Khosrowpanah, Hamid Parsania, Ebrahim Fayyaz among many other luminaries.
The first chapter of the book discusses the farthest philosophical tradition in Iran, “Islamic philosophy” while the second chapter relates on influential contemporary tradition which has made the key flag bearer of debating technology in Iran in post-revolution years.
Tradition of “technology as Gestell” basically ponders the thoughts by German philosopher Martin Heidegger and intellectuals like Iran’s Ahmad Fardid who took technology as one of the most important issues as Islamic Iran was going to face modernity and western world.
The next chapter in this book is on a long-discussed approach German Idealism especially that of Hegel on technology as a translation for historical issue of Iran’s modernity.
“Philosophy of technology” is the subject analyzed in the fourth chapter and the fifth chapter discusses the scientific aspect of technology, technology policy making.
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