Publish date26 Dec 2017 - 14:01
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Archbishop of Armenians in Iran:

Iran, cradle for religions, dialogue, coexistance

Archbishop of Armenian Christians in Iran hailed the legal liberties for followers of all monotheistic religions in Iran stressing the situation of Palestinians in the occupied lands.
Iran, cradle for religions, dialogue, coexistance
Sebouh Sarkissian, Archbishop of Armenians in Tehran, attended the meeting of Islamic City Council of Tehran on the eve of New Year 2018 saying that the world is in dire need of heavenly aids to end the wars and prevail peace and friendship among people, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” Prevalence of peace in the world depends upon materialization of justice and fulfillment of the rights of all nations across the globe” and added,” history is a good proof that peace and justice prevail only when dialogue, friendship and mutual respect command the relations between the people.”
Archbishop Sarkissian stressed,” History of Iran reveals the fact that settlers of Persia, no matter from what religion, have always lived in coexistence and proved the righteousness of their holy books in leading a life with mutual respect, friendship and cooperation.”
“At present and in the Islamic Republic system in Iran, followers of different religions, enjoy the liberties mentioned in the constitution” he said.
He called Iran as the ‘cradle of religions, dialogue and coexistence’ expressing regret that the world is denying the fact.
Armenian Archbishop expressed regret that inaccurate decision by Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital as well as his ignorance of the international resolutions have challenged pacifist nations with serious issues.
He stressed Palestine as the certain country of Palestinian nation and Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital.
He vowed that resistance of the oppressed nations will lead to great advancements and fulfillment of their rights.
The Archbishop, on the eve of the New Year, extended his sincere prayers for prevalence of peace in the Middle East, tranquility of the Iranian nation and authorities.”
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