Publish date19 Oct 2013 - 12:40
Story Code : 143394
Sanandaj Sunni prayer leader:

“Muslim vigilance hinders hostile plots.”

Prayer leader of Sunni-inhibited city of Sanandaj highlighted importance of solidarity among different Islamic denominations and demanded for standing against plots of the enemies by maintaining more vigilance.
“Muslim vigilance hinders hostile plots.”
Mamusta Hessam el Din Mojtahedi, prayer leader of Sanandaj, in Iranian Province of Kurdistan, in his weekly Friday sermon called unity among different Islamic denominations as the greatest asset of Muslims and an important necessity for their promotion.

He said,” Enemies are full forcedly trying to tarnish Muslim unity and spare no effort to achieve their objective.”

He stressed Muslim vigilance as the element that blocks the way for realization of intrigues by the enemies.

Sunni cleric urged all Muslims to know their enemies and then move forward vigilantly.

Mamusta Mojtahedi also touched upon Hajj pilgrimage and noted that as a manifest of justice seeking and standing against colonial powers.

Sunni cleric referred to the special attention of the Supreme Leader to Kurdistan Province demanding authorities and the people in Kurdistan to maintain the particular demands of Ayatollah Khamenei recommendations.

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