Publish date20 May 2013 - 9:01
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“Islamophobia in West” published

Iran’s International Al Huda Publication has released its latest print on one of the modern issues of the world, Islamophobia in some western countries.
“Islamophobia in West” published

“Islamophobia in West, New Cultural Cold War against Muslims in the US and UK” is the title for the new book by International Publication Institute of Al Huda referring to a history of the issue which intensified since widespread anti-Islamic propaganda of the media in 1997, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

According to the book, the phrase Islamophobia, was firstly used in 1997 following the intensification of negative propaganda by the western media against Islam and attaching the holy religion with violence and terrorism, before the 911 incident which put more weight on the accusations.

Islamophobia refers to a group of beliefs and images that pictures Muslims as petrified, Satanic and dangerous which has projected in discriminative behaviors with Muslims in some countries.

Author of the book, Mohammadreza Dehshiri, in this book draws the attentions to the new atmosphere of cultural cold war across the globe and its negative impacts on the lives of the Muslims.

He explains the foundations and organizations responsible for spread of Islamophobia in the US and Great Britain relating on the tools for misrepresentation of Islam and its effects on the public opinion, social, cultural, economic and political institutions in western countries.

Chaptering in this book is into two portions out of which the first portion is in six chapters including discussions on the reasons and objectives of Islamophobia in the US, financial supporters of Islamophobia and also the media backing the movement.

The second portion, in five chapters, relates on the strategies of confrontation with sabotage in the UK and the centers for political exchanges and also their role in creating more limitations on the citizenship rights against Muslims in the UK.

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