Publish date5 Aug 2019 - 13:40
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Iran’s former FM speaker:

West misusing human rights as instrument

75 years into the moment when world people thought of a gathering to discuss their necessities for a better world, it has reached a critical situation harassed by those who promote illusions of autocracy.
West misusing human rights as instrument
Ramin Mehmanparast, Iran’s former Foreign Ministry spokesperson, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) detailed his views on human rights, Islamic human rights charter and current situation of the Muslim world stressing that the reasons for global gathering of the countries should be reviewed and the gathering should be reorganized.
He said,” Sadly to say, governments mighty in military and economic aspects impose their policies to other countries and concepts are means to their ends” adding,” Human rights is one of these concepts as we find the west misusing the term for its interests.”
He noted,” The first notion was democracy and participation of the people in running the country, holding elections and role of people in management of the state while they are allied with countries familiar with no democratic framework let alone working along with one.”
Ramin Mehmanparast referred to Saudi-led war against Yemen and said,” If the world would really care for human rights it should have reacted to what is going on in Yemen and Saudi killing of the Yemeni civilians while Donald Trump approves arms deal with Saudi Arabia only because it is beneficial for the American people.”
According to Iranian former diplomat a topic pursued by both international and Islamic human rights is respect for man, his life and property adding,” That is why terrorism should be basically rejected by all nations and governments with no differentiation between the good and bad terrorism.”
“How is it that there is no problem when the world powers, in pursuit of their interests, cooperate with terrorists?” he demanded and added, “It is meaningless to approve terrorism in one case and reject it in another, therefore, terrorism should be rejected when it poses risk to the lives of nations.”
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