Publish date2 Jun 2019 - 15:53
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Former Iranian official:

Tel Aviv regime measures crime against history

Zionists, in alliance with some superpowers changed the religion and history of the sacred lands; hence, confrontation with Zionists is a mission for all Muslims and any person concerned for human values.
Tel Aviv regime measures crime against history
Mojtaba Amani, former head of Interests Section office of Iran in Cairo, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) referred to importance of Palestine issue stressing global support for immediate freedom of the Palestinian lands from Zionist regime.
He noted a key reason for massive marking of Palestine issue is that it has not been eliminated from the minds of world people and said,” Zionist regime is an occupying and criminal regime and supported by the US and some western countries, has committed numerous crimes in a bid to stabilize itself as the regional power.”
Former official called the issue of Palestine not an issue over Palestinian lands but more of a criminal measure against religion and history of the Middle East region.
“Zionists, backed by some superpowers have changed the religious and historical texture of the holy land” said the elite politician and added,” Therefore, confrontation with the Zionists is not a mission merely upon the Palestinians but every Muslim individual and any person concerned for human values should take a step for that.”
Iranian political expert said,” All religions are in a certain position against the Zionist regime as it rejects Islam and Christianity in an effort to stabilize a fake stance for Zionists as the upper ethnicity in regional and global arena.”
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