Publish date7 Apr 2018 - 14:13
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‘Lack of Islamic unity led to issue of Palestine’, Sunni cleric

Prominent Iranian Sunni cleric slammed the latest carnage of Palestinian demonstrators by Israeli forces saying that the issue of Palestine is a repercussion for lack of solidarity among Muslim.
‘Lack of Islamic unity led to issue of Palestine’, Sunni cleric

Mamusta Abdul Rahman Khalifezadeh, prayer leader of Sunni community in Bukan County, West Azerbaijan Province, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) denounced Zionist regime of Israel for massacre of Palestinian protesters on Gaza border and said US and Israel have made the best of disunity among Muslims.
He added,” Palestinian lands have been occupied by Zionist regime for the past seven decades and should Muslims united in a body we should not have witnessed to crimes committed by Zionist regime of Israel.”
Prayer leader of Bukan referred to hostility of some groups with Muslims and expressed regret that claimants of Islam have joined their front in killing other Muslims.
Mamusta Khalifezadeh added,” Saudi Arabia massacres Muslims, meets and endorses Jewish leaders and it is high time that Muslims rose against crimes committed against Islamic communities.”
Prayer leader of Bukan highlighted solidarity of Muslims against Zionists as the factor which will put an end to aggressions by the Zionist regime of Israel.
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