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Sheikh Hussein al-Khashan:

“Unity, no translation for removal of denominations” Lebanese cleric

Prominent Lebanese cleric stressed that Islamic unity does not translate to removal or marginalization of a certain denomination alluding to Qur’an where the holy book of Islam rejects dispersion as the main threat for Muslim nation.
“Unity, no translation for removal of denominations” Lebanese cleric
Sheikh Hussein al-Khashan, Lebanese religious intellectual, in an interview with Iran’s Mehr News, related on Islamic unity and its necessity for the Muslim world warning that any sacrilegious act against sanctities of other denominations would fuel the fire of dispersions, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He called Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the first reference in Islamic ethics and ideology stressing that obedience of Ahlul Bayt (AS) is due to the Prophet’s stress on the scientific, spiritual and political leadership of his household.
He rejected the allegations that Shia community prioritize Ahlul Bayt (AS) in the hierarchy is a totally rejected notion.
When asked on necessity of paying tribute to Prophet of Islam (PBUH) as the grounds which boosts Islamic unity he said,” We believe that the Prophet and Qur’an are two pillars for creating Islamic solidarity” and added,” Hence we should all invite the people to proximity and set Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) above all religious disagreements and follow his guidelines in our daily life.”
Lebanese figure said,” If celebrating the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is an innovation then it is a pleasant one rather than being Haram (forbidden and rejected).”
When asked on the true meaning of Islamic unity he stressed,” Islamic unity does not translate to removal or marginalization of a certain Islamic denomination” adding,” This solidarity should be based on a framework that convenes all Muslims on their commonalities so that they can settle their disagreements.”
He said that the common grounds should include those that unite Muslims in their ideologies.
“Why do some people stress to ignore these commonalities especially when 80 per cent of our religious beliefs, major part of our objectives, challenges and enemies are shared between us” demanded the Lebanese cleric.
He noted that it is not a major issue that we (Muslims) disagree amongst us but according to holy Qur’an the major issue lies in dispersion.
Mehr News also touched on the Supreme Leader’s fatwa forbidding any sacrilege of Sunni sanctities and asked on the reason some pseudo-Shia entities, especially through British tribunes, stress their disrespect and excommunication of the Sunni community.
Lebanese cleric, in replying this question, said,” These desecrating voices are two groups, they are either suspicious voices led by intelligence systems or ignorant people who do not understand the depth of threat they are imposing with their rhetoric.”
He added,” In any case we are in clear contrast with these non-conformist views and call all people to avoid such people because they not only scrap the image of Ahlul Bayt (AS) but also fan the fire of disagreements between Muslims.”
Sheikh Hussein al-Khashan said,” The disagreements among Muslims has rhetorical nature and are deeply rooted in political and historical inspirations; therefore, if we are truly in pursuit of unifying Muslims and foiling plots, then we should scientifically and indiscriminately study into the reasons behind disagreements and struggle to uproot the minor disagreements which have been magnified by enemies.”
According to the scholar unity is not merely a motto, an emotional poem or a sensation but an achievement beyond all these,
Sheikh Khashan reiterated the role of pro-unity scholars and called for taking organized steps to inform Muslims and bridge the different parts of Islamic society with each other or the endeavors of unifying voices will all be in vain.
He referred to view of Shia scholars on the Sunni community and said,” The view unanimously agreed between all Shia clerics is that he who utters Islamic declaration Shahada is a Muslim and he should have equal rights with all other members of the Islamic society and that his life, property and honor should be respected and protected.
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