Publish date13 Dec 2017 - 13:19
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Iranian cleric calls for unity prayer in al-Quds Mosque

Prominent Sunni cleric from Iran’s Golestan Province called al-Quds Mosque as the first Qibla (praying direction) of Muslims saying that to hold unity prayer in the holy mosque should be set as major objective of all Muslims.
Iranian cleric calls for unity prayer in al-Quds Mosque
Akhoond Jalil Farahmand, member of the general assembly at the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) denounced the US President’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israeli regime urging world Muslims to set a unity prayer in the holy mosque as their objective.
Theology professor at Sunni seminary of Faraqi city in Golestan Province stressed the issue of Palestine as number one priority for the world of Islam and said,” Zionist regime of Israel has been killing or detaining our brothers in Palestine without showing mercy for the women or children in the besieged country.”
He reiterated necessity of alleviating the sufferings of Palestinian nation by all Muslim countries.
Iranian Sunni scholar also highlighted a unified body including all Islamic groups as the sole way for saving Palestinian people and urged Muslims to rise and maintain steadfastness for a unified campaign in frontline against American and Israeli enemies.
Akhoond Farahmand noted al-Quds as the book of bravery and resistance and an endless outcry for oppression of the Muslims saying,” Quds is the previous Qibla of Muslims present in their hearts” vowing efforts by Muslims to safeguard the holy city.
“It is high time that Muslims awakened and liberated Jerusalem al-Quds through their solidarity and cooperation” said the Sunni scholar.
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